Our Story

We are a sister-owned company that creates skin care with minimal ingredients in powerful combinations.

We obsess over every single ingredient that we add to our products, avoiding anything that is known to be irritating or cause for concern, and hone in on unique blends of botanicals and clays that are especially effective and truly feel incredible to use.

We're sisters, Zeena and Letisha.

We started Brown and Coconut as a lifestyle blog in 2013 while living in Boston, MA. We shared our journey to living a more conscious and holistic life with a special focus on our efforts to heal our acneic skin, which didn’t get better with conventional treatment methods. We knew the type of skin care products we were looking for but couldn’t find them in stores, trying countless products that were too expensive and didn’t meet our expectations, leaving us disappointed and out of money. Frustrated, but motivated, we embarked on the journey to develop our own line of skin care products.

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After identifying the ingredients we found effective in healing our skin, we began crafting entirely unique formulas.

Countless hours of research, cosmetic chemist expertise, trial, and error led to the creation of our line of plant-based powerhouse products that not only do what they say they do, but that feel incredible to use. We’ve come a long way since we made our debut at our first-ever local pop-up event in Massachusetts, but what has not changed is our love for making luxurious botanical skin care that you simply can’t wait to come home to.

Our products are packaged in glass bottles that can be reused and recycled.

Orders are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes with recyclable packing paper. Each item is hand-rolled in recycled paper wraps to protect the glass during shipment. We use paper tape with a starch-based adhesive to seal the boxes. To save paper and reduce the need to print, we do not include invoices with orders.

To offset our shipping emissions, we pay a fee for every order which is then donated to forest and soil protection initiatives. Learn more here.