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Our skin care is crafted with distinct blends of powerful plants, botanical extracts, and clays that effectively support your skin’s delicate balance. Founded by two sisters who’ve been through the trenches and back with their own skin, Brown + Coconut is always free from harmful ingredients because it’s what you deserve.

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Products made to last for years on a shelf is not who we are. Our yummy line of skin care is crafted with fresh ingredients in small batches to ensure our products are always “hot off the press”, providing you with potent skin care that heals, nourishes, and maintains a healthy, beautiful complexion.



Our products are never watered down. Ever. Even our masks and scrubs are created dry so you’re not paying for water. What does that mean for you? Superior skin care that’s rich and potent so a little goes a long way.

Our products will last longer, saving you more in the long run. On average, our products last 1-3 months – depending on the exact product and usage of course.


“I have to say, I have used every kind of face wash you can think of, including proactive, and I don’t think anything has worked as good as Brown & Coconut.”

Alex L

“I applied Brown & Coconut's Body Butter after showering. I warmed it in my palms first and it spread easily. This morning my skin is moist and lovely. I have also used their face wash and face oil. All of their products make my skin feel alive! I have found my new brand. Thank you ladies!”

Susan E

“Brown & Coconut’s body butter was a great solution to combat my dry skin. I would constantly have to use chemical-filled lotions or butters in order to have long-lasting results. This body butter is a healthy alternative for for those who want an organic product at a great price. Looking forward to my next purchase.”

Anthony S

“What I really love about Brown and coconut products is the use of natural and organic ingredients that I know we’re going to be good for my skin and body. These are the only products that have significantly reduced my acne.”

Nalani S

“I am in my mid 20’s and in recent years, my skin has begun to feel dry. I’ve tried a multitude of products before discovering Brown & Coconut. I LOVED the way Brown & coconut’s all natural skin care product line made my skin feel! It was easy to use and with just one application, my skin felt healthier! These girls at Brown & Coconut really know their organics!”

Nicole M

“The natural, simple ingredients feel so wonderful on my skin. When I use it in combination with the hibiscus cleansing grains, I can’t help but smile because I can feel it working and it feels so good! ”

Jaclyn T

“I’m obsessed with the Kale mask. Having acne prone skin, you want something that feels like it’s working without feeling like it’s clogging your pores and that’s exactly what I experienced with this mask. PS I suggest using with honey!”

Amanda O


Your skin care routine should never include mindlessly sudsing-up your face with average cleansers or glopping on not-so-suitable creams. It should be an experience — YOUR experience.

We’re here to help you find the right products and routine for your unique needs. Don’t need to wash your face in the morning? Don’t. Like thick masks? Add less liquid to our dry masks. At the end of the day, your experience should be completely tailored to you – and we’re here to help!

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