How to Get Rid of Maskne – 5 Tips for Clearer Skin

How to Get Rid of Maskne – 5 Tips for Clearer Skin

After months of wearing a face mask, many of us noticed a change in our skin: acne underneath the mask. Messages poured in asking for suggestions on getting rid of maskne and product recommendations.

This type of acne is acne mechanica which is the result of the friction of the mask against your face.

Here’s what we recommend:

Keep your mask clean. This is super important if you are going to be applying the same covering over your face everyday. Try keeping a few clean ones on hand so you can swap them out each day. Pay attention to the detergent you use, especially if your skin doesn’t do well with added fragrances.

Wash your face. I know. This seems really basic but if you get home after hours of wearing your mask it’s super important that you cleanse your face before bed to remove the sweat and impurities that may have built up. 

Apply another kind of mask. We’re talking about our Kale Mask which was specifically formulated for acneic skin. It can be used as a full face mask or as a spot treatment. 

Don’t touch your face. If you do notice a breakout, apply your treatments and go about your day. For some reason I picked up a habit where I can’t stop touching my chin and my skin was very clear that it didn’t like this new habit. If you’re trying to get rid of maskne or any type of acne, keep your hands off your face when you aren’t wearing a mask.

Be gentle. Yes, maskne is frustrating but continue to be gentle with your skin so you don’t irritate it further. Be careful not to excessively rub your face while cleansing or applying treatments. Take baby steps to heal your skin.

Most importantly, please mask up!

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