Our Story

After years of suffering from severe acne and frustrated by the lack of effectiveness and further damage we experienced with popular skin care products, we embarked on a journey to heal our skin from the inside out. First working to improve what we fueled our bodies with, then overhauling our skin care routines, we eliminated harsh and harmful products that only worsened our skin condition and threatened our overall health by exposing us to dangerous chemicals.

We began crafting products powered solely by plant ingredients that were powerful enough to heal and nourish any skin type, yet gentle enough to maintain the skin’s delicate balance.

Years of research, development, and testing led us to completely heal our acne — our passion to rid the world of harmful substances, while helping others like ourselves that wanted to care for their skin without risking their health, led to the launch of Brown & Coconut.

Everything we put into our products is done so with careful thought and consideration. All of our skin care is 100% plant-based and non-GMO and our ingredients are organically sourced whenever possible. Nothing is ever added simply because it “smells good” or “sounds fancy”. Each and every ingredient serves an important purpose, working to restore harmony to all types of skin. Our products are made for anyone and everyone whether your desire is to heal or simply maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

If we learned one thing from our skin-woes, it’s that caring for our bodies is a lifestyle — and regimens for our skin, the largest organ in the human body, should be a part of that lifestyle.

Fuel it well, inside and out.

Letisha & Zeena Brown
Sisters & Co-Founders