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Exciting News from Brown & Coconut

Exciting News - The Official Brown & Coconut launch

Hello lovelies! We have some news for you all that we are super excited about! After a long journey, we are happy to announce the Brown & Coconut launch of our plant-based skin care.

The Start of Our Journey

When we began our blog 3 years ago, we wanted to share our health and beauty journey with you. Throughout our journey, we often found that what we were looking for in quality skincare, we weren’t finding. Instead, we were surrounded by products that contained ingredients we were allergic to or ingredients that are known to be highly pore clogging. What’s worse is we found too many products that claimed to be natural that weren’t. And as acne sufferers with very fickle skin, we are extremely cautious of what we put on our faces. So what did we do? We began crafting our own skincare.

It reached a point where we found that our products worked better than anything we’d ever bought. We realized we can’t be the only people who want quality, natural skin care that’s really going to work, that are going to be gentle enough not to disturb our skins delicate balance, but strong enough to make a noticeable difference.

An all new Brown & Coconut

Finally, we are thrilled to be able to officially announce the launch of Brown & Coconut skincare!

We’re ecstatic you joined our journey as bloggers and wanted you to be the first to know about our official Brown & Coconut launch. ☺ In the next few weeks, you’ll see our website transition from its current look, to a new one. All of the content from our blog will still be there, but the new site will include our shop. We will of course let you know once the switch has officially been made. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates and surprises!

Talk to you soon!

Zeena & Letisha


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