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9 Ways to Kick Allergies’ A** This Spring!

Brace yourself, allergy season is upon us…

Prepare for the runny nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezing–the type of allergies where one sneeze just isn’t enough. Seriously–how much sneezing can one person take? When it’s not the catastrophic avalanche of sneezing, it’s the itchy throat and eyes…maybe that pesky fly that just won’t take a hint, too. I digress.

In between sneezing and throat scratching, one may begin to ponder about the plethora of ways to get rid of flies to solve these allergy woes. One may even wander into their local pharmacy in hopes of immediate relief. Sadly enough, traditional allergy medications are not only ridiculously expensive, but don’t always work! (Home Remedies Enter, Stage Right).

These au-natural tips and tricks are all you need to ward off irritating allergies all season long!:

Peppermint Tea

The menthol-y goodness in mint tea works wonders for allergies. Pretty cool, huh? The minty aroma opens our nasal passages and helps clear away the mucous. The steam provides necessary moisture for our dry, irritated nasal passages. Simply allow your nose and mouth to inhale the warm steam from a bowl of hot water. I find it best to place a towel over my head and the bowl. This trick can even be done on the go with your favorite mint tea in your mug!


Breathe in…breathe out… It’s as simple as that! This allergy-fighting trick is similar to the peppermint tea, just minus the peppermint tea. By carefully inhaling steam, your nasal passages will open, allowing for almost instant relief. Try steaming for about 10 minutes. *The trick also works wonders for your skin!


Just don’t have time to steam? Then hop in the shower! Not only will the hot shower open your nasal passages, but you will also wash away any pollen that may be lingering on your body. Be sure to put on fresh, clean clothes after!


The sterilized world many of us live in does not leave much room for the ‘good’ bacteria. The more ‘good’ bacteria in your gut (which is what probiotics provide), the less likely you are to suffer from allergies. By building up your immune system, probiotics increase your defense against allergies as well as asthma and eczema. Remember; Healthy gut=less allergies. Some awesome sources of probiotics: yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kim chi, and probiotic capsules. 


This European herb has been found to be just as effective as traditional antihistamines. The added bonus? Butterbur does not induce drowsiness, unlike many common antihistamines and can be purchased in tablet form! 

Fish Oil

The anti-inflamatory response of Omega 3’s fights the inflamation caused by our allergies. The omega 3’s also work to increase our immune system. Our favorite brand is Nordic Naturals. 


This magical spice not only works wonders for our skin, but for our allergies, as well. The antioxidant curcumin found in turmeric is anti-inflammatory and has been proven to show the same effects as antihistamine drugs. Turmeric is available as a spice to add to your favorite recipes or in capsule form.


This plant pigment (found in plants and food) contains anti-histamine and anti-inflamatory properties. To reap the full benefits of Quercetin, consume more foods such as onions, apples, citrus, cranberries, broccoli, green tea, just to name a few.

Eucalyptus Oil

Much like peppermint tea, the anti-inflamatory eucalyptus oil works by loosening the phlegm caused by allergies. This magnificent oil comes in many forms: lozenges, vapor rubs, oils. I’d recommend adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to your steam facial.


My favorite home remedy has always been a quick and easy shower. This may not work for everyone, especially for those who suffer from severe allergies. Although, there are countless medications available to prevent and relieve allergy symptoms, home remedies can often prove to be more effective and less costly.

*Please seek the advice of your doctor before trying any of these home remedies.



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