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7 Ways to Battle Chapped Lips

By January 27, 2015Beauty, Home, Skin Care

With the Winter comes beautiful snow, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks and…chapped lips. Despite how much you moisturize on a daily basis, it seems like dry, flaky lips are inevitable. Our precious lips are made up of very thin layers that do not have the same amount of protection as the rest of our body. Makes sense, right?


1. Layer it on: It may seem like a no-brainer but this tip can be an easy one to forget, especially if your lips don’t “feel” dry. A few hours before you leave the house, be sure to pack on your SPF chapstick. This will give your lips time to soak up the moisture before heading straight into the elements. Reapply during the day and just before your head hits the pillow to keep your lips protected all day long.

2. Avoid the Salt and Citrus: Ever notice how dry your lips feel after eating salty popcorn? The salt absorbs the moisture on our lips leaving our smackers feeling dull, chapped and dehydrated. The acid in citrus fruits may burn your lips, leading to chapped skin. Limit your consumption of acidic or salty foods during the cooler months.

3. Exfoliate Often: It’s no secret that dry lips feel like they need constant exfoliation. Instead of biting your lips all day long, try exfoliating the thin skin with a simple mixture. The combination of honey and sugar helps to loosen dry, flaky skin within minutes. Gently apply the mixture in a circular motion for 10-15 seconds before rinsing clean. Be sure to apply your lip balm after!

4. Cover your Face: Before stepping into the frigid temps, cover the lower half of your face with a scarf. This handy trick will prevent the cold air from drying out your pre-treated lips (see #1). The moisture from your hot breath (very classy) will keep your lips and nose moisturized during your cold commute.

5. Breathe Through Your Nose: Taking breaths through your nose rather than your mouth will prevent the constant flow of air from drying out your lips.

5. Hydrate : Staying moisturized from the inside out is our motto. Keeping your body hydrated with at least 1-2L of water a day is an awesome way to prevent your lips from chapping.

7. Quit Licking: As tempting as this form of instant moisture is, it doesn’t do any good. The digestive enzymes in saliva can wear down your lips, leaving them feeling drier than before. Crazy, huh?

So, how do you keep your smacker-roos moist in the winter? We’d love to hear your tips!


Peace, Love & Coconuts!


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