September 2014

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Banish Ingrown Hairs for Good

Ingrown hair is not as inevitable as one would think. Yet some of us have just grown to expect it: “Just shaved? Be on the look out for those pesky ingrown hairs!” (Has no one ever been told that?…Okay, me neither!) When they do show up, you are probably inclined to feel super irritated (physically and […]

How to Get Rid of a Huge Pimple Fast!

You know what the best thing about breakouts is? The perfect timing. Just kidding.    Our worst breakouts always seem to pop up the morning of a super important event. Am I right? When you see it, you most likely let out a slew of curse words. You may begin to pick and prod, which only upsets […]

Probiotics: What You Need to Know

  It’s hard to ignore the latest trends, especially when they are everywhere! Currently the market is buzzing over probiotics. This latest trend has companies far and wide working to adapt and create products that capitalize on the increased demand for probiotics. However, with all of the hype that accompanies a trend, a lot can get […]

Transform Dry Damaged Skin in 3 Simple Steps

Is it too soon to admit that I am excited for Summer to come to a close? The weather has been wonderful and the beaches have been gorgeous, but something about the crisp, Fall air is just so much more comforting. As Summer finally winds down, you may be realizing that you put your skin […]