August 2014

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How Your Cell Phone is Ruining Your Skin

This just in!: The sun’s harmful rays are no longer the only thing ruining your skin. That’s right folks! That itty bitty gadget most people hold near and dear to their heart can actually be doing more damage than you think! Your cell phone, aka the sleep disturber and breakout causer, is wreaking havoc on your skin: Acne If […]

5 DIY Face Masks for Gorgeous, Radiant Skin

Dealing with acne for over 10 years can be annoying. Okay, not just annoying, but frustrating, humiliating and really ANNOYING! My sisters and I have tried nearly every acne treatment out there and by “every”, I mean “every”. Whether it was the name brand stuff on all the infomercials (you know the one!) or the cheap […]