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August 2014

How Your Cell Phone is Ruining Your Skin

how your cell phone is ruining your skin

This just in!: The sun’s harmful rays are no longer the only thing ruining your skin. That’s right folks! That itty bitty gadget most people hold near and dear to their heart can actually be doing more damage than you think! Your cell phone, aka the sleep disturber and breakout causer, is wreaking havoc on your skin:


If you’re used to smushing your phone against your face while chatting, then breakouts along your cheek or jaw should come as no surprise. Our phones are covered in bacteria. A study in the UK found that 1 in 6 cellular phones were contaminated with fecal matter. 1 in 6! I don’t know about you but that’s not something I would want to have pressed against my cheek. Not to mention our phones carry 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom handle. Say what!? Our phones can transfer this bacteria and oil from our phone to our precious skin. This nasty concoction can result in a serious breakout session. The recommendation? Wipe down your phone daily with anti-bacterial wipes and use speakerphone or headphones with a mic when chatting to avoid transferring any nastiness onto your beautiful face!

Dark Spots

We have all nearly burned ourselves from those little furnaces we call “cell phones”. Prolonged usage of your phone heats it up to a level that can be damaging to your skin. Pressing this hot device against our sensitive face can result in dark spots. The recommendation? Stop using your phone once it begins to heat up and limit calls to a few minutes at a time. If long phone calls are necessary, trying using a hands-free device to avoid exposing your face to the harsh temperature.

Under Eye Circles

Frequent use of your cellular phone is interrupting your sleep. If you’re like most people, then you probably get woken up in the middle of the night by your cell phone. Whether it’s a text, Facebook update, or just an annoying game update, your sleep has been disturbed. This continual interruption of your sleep cycle will eventually make it’s mark on your skin. Dark circles, anyone? How about some bags? The recommendation? Our skin repairs itself while we sleep, so turn that phone off and let your skin work its magic.


Ever heard of cellphone dermatitis? Well, chances are your skin has. Many cell phones, such as Blackberry and certain flip phones, have a nickel surface or nickel accents. When your skin comes in frequent contact with this nickel surface or if you suffer from a nickel allergy, an allergic reaction may result. You may notice an unexplainable rash along your cheek and/or ear. The recommendation? Search for phones that do not contain a nickel surface or limit the use of your phone as much as possible. What’s a few hours without checking Instagram, right?


When it comes to your phone, your eyes pretty much do most of the work. They are constantly opening, closing, darting, and squinting. Unfortunately, this squinting is probably causing fine lines and wrinkles amongst the younger generation of cell phone users (aka premature aging). As if it wasn’t bad enough, your downward gaze while looking at your phone is another culprit. This seemingly perpetual gaze can result in creases along your neck that probably wouldn’t have developed so soon in the younger crowd. The recommendation? Take a break from your phone! Go phone-less for a few extra hours a day. Still feel sane? Why not go a bit longer without your phone? Your skin will thank you!

Peace, love & coconuts!



Skincare Guide

5 DIY Face Masks for Gorgeous, Radiant Skin

Dealing with acne for over 10 years can be annoying. Okay, not just annoying, but frustrating, humiliating and really ANNOYING! My sisters and I have tried nearly every acne treatment out there and by “every”, I mean “every”. Whether it was the name brand stuff on all the infomercials (you know the one!) or the cheap drugstore goodies, our skin was never happy. It wasn’t until we started experiementing with natural, homemade masks that we began to see the light at the end of a longgg tunnel. Slowly, our skin began to heal and our complexions grew brighter. Hurray! The change in our skin was the result of a whole lifestyle change, including the use of what we now like to call “Our DIY Face Mask Favorites” (wordy, huh?..we’ll work on that.)

These 5 DIY Face Masks have benefitted our skin in ways we had never thought possible, which is why we want to share them with our lovely readers (that’s you!) Each mask will provide your skin with incredible benefits like: reduction of acne, redness, inflammation, blackheads, dry skin..the list can go on! If you have a few minutes to spare, choose your favorite DIY face mask and start mixing!

Peace, love & coconuts!





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