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Easy Core and Glute Workouts to Strengthen & Tone!

We may be halfway through summer but it is never too late to start getting that booty in shape! Matthew Ibrahim is a Certified Personal Trainer who teamed up with Brown & Coconut to share his fitness knowledge and simple yet effective core and glute workouts to tone and tighten your body!

Part 1: Core & Glute Workouts for Women

A few guidelines…

Start by organizing your spine

  • Use a Broomstick from head to hips to help avoid excessive lumbar extension (lordosis) and excessive thoracic flexion (kyphosis). Keep your spine in contact with the broomstick as reminder.
  • A subtle chin-tuck will help keep spine neutral (a neutral posture)

Use the “right” core muscles

  • Start by properly engaging your transverse abdominis muscle (TrA)
  • Pull belly button up and into spine (subtle movement)
  •  You should be able to have a conversation and talk while TrA is engaged (do not hold your breath)
  • This is “home”/safe position for spine
  • Always activate this muscle before/during every exercise
  • Perform deep-belly breathing rather than upper chest breathing (hand on belly; exhale twice as long as you inhale)


  1. Stop doing sit-ups and crunches; not good for your spine
  2. Train the function of the core, not the anatomy

So, what are your core functions?: anti-extension, anti-flexion, anti-rotation, stabilization, posture, breathing

The following Core and Glute workouts are great workouts to keep your core and glutes activated and engaged:

Part 2: Core Workouts

Core Exercises:

  • Plank
  • Push-Up Mountain climber (slow and controlled movements)
  • Side Plank with Knee to Chest

Part 3: Glute Workouts

Glute Exercises

  • Glute Bridge
  • Kettle bell Goblet Hold Reverse Lunge
  • Kettle bell Deadlift
  • Lateral Skater Hops
  • Sled Pull

These websites sell workout sleds for decent prices. These can be used both inside and outside:

You can also make your own for an even better deal. This article provides wonderful instruction on how to build your own sled.

Thanks to Matthew for sharing these awesome tips and workouts that can be applied to each and every workout! Check out Matthew’s website for more information about him and his workshops/trainings!

What are you waiting for?? Start working those coconuts!

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  • Great article! I’m always looking for more tips on tightening this body…. especially with my wedding fast approaching next month!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Glad you enjoyed, Allison! Certainly more workout videos to come. If you have any ideas of workouts you’d like to see, feel free to share!

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