July 2014

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Shine Be Gone: 5 Tips for an Oil-free Complexion

If you’re like me then oily skin is nothing new. As nice as the summer heat is, it isn’t exactly conducive to a shine-free complexion.  So, where exactly does our oily skin come from? Well, chances are it’s genetic. If you have oily skin you most likely inherited the trait from either of your parents. […]

Dietary Supplements: Are you taking too many?

Brown and coconut welcomes Lisa Bonet, discussing the important question: Are there too many dietary supplements in our diet?     Is taking dietary supplements a healthy way of making sure you get the vitamins and minerals your body and mind needs, or could it actually be causing your body unseen damage? For example, taking too […]

Easy Core and Glute Workouts to Strengthen & Tone!

We may be halfway through summer but it is never too late to start getting that booty in shape! Matthew Ibrahim is a Certified Personal Trainer who teamed up with Brown & Coconut to share his fitness knowledge and simple yet effective core and glute workouts to tone and tighten your body! Part 1: Core & […]

10 Shocking Things That Are Ruining Your Skin

Your daily routine is ruining your skin. Pretty crazy, huh? These 10 shocking things that many of us do on a daily basis can result in irrevocable damage to our precious skin. We’re talking wrinkles, sagging skin, dark circles, age spots, acne, irritation and loss of moisture.  By avoiding these 10 routines, you’ll be 10 steps […]