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Interview with the Ladies Behind ‘The Milk Collective’

By May 22, 2014Home

MOVE OVER, regular ol’ baby toys! The Milk Collective has arrived!

This lovely UK based business has set the stage for a new type of handmade baby goods. The Milk Collective, run by Paulita Ramone and Jazmin Brown, features handmade baby goods that every baby and mommy will LOVE. Trust me, you will not be able to pass up these adorable creations (especially with names like Polly Bean!) 

Want to learn more about The Milk Collective? Check out our exclusive interview below!


(left: Paulita Ramone; right: Jazmin Brown)

The Milk Collective is such a cool name? How did you guys come up with it?

Well, the name was sort of an accident. When Paula joined up with me I had already chosen the name Milk. One day we were just chatting about joining forces and she referred to the business as ‘The Milk Collective’ and the name just stuck! It actually works really well for us because its a collective of mamas creating and crafting our way through the world.”

What made you want to start your own business? Why infant items?

“We have both always been into crafting coming from creative backgrounds. It started out as just something we could do together while having coffee or something. Once we got going we realised that this could actually work as a real business. There’s a market for our product. We chose baby items because we are both expecting babies and it seemed to be a natural fit. Everything just happened so naturally. We are both starting families of our own and babies are on our minds 24/7 so of course we would create baby stuff.”


What’s your inspiration behind the designs?

“Jaz and I arent the typical “mum” you would see walking down the street. We are definitely more alternative. We wanted to create toys and clothes that would cater to the alternative, punky, hippy mum. Of course our items can suit anyone’s taste but we wanted to make sure that there was something out there for the mums with tattoos and who believe in attachment parenting.”

We can’t get over how cute the names of the toys are: Polly Bean, Rosie, Biscuit! How did you choose the names?

“The names all come from the music we listen to. Polly Bean is taken from PJ Harvey aka Polly Jean. Iggy from Iggy Pop naturally, The Gwen from Gwen Stefani, you get the idea. Music and Art is such a big part of our lives that we want to reflect that through our products.” 

Did you girls have any toys you couldn’t live without as babies?

“Ha-ha , seriously? At our age? Not a chance we can even remember!”

You guys are both expecting little bundles of joy in the fall! Congratulations!! Any advice for the new moms and soon-to-be moms out there?

“Thanks! Our advice to new and soon-to-be mums is you should go with the flow and trust your instinct. Take whatever advice other people give with a pinch of salt. You know your baby best. There is no real guides out there for having a baby so just take each day as it comes and enjoy every minute of it. They grow up so fast.”


One last question: Do you guys ship internationally?

“Yes! Upon checking out you will see the costs for shipping internationally. We will ship all over the world! :)”

Visit these lovely ladies at themilkcollective.bigcartel.com.

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Peace, Love & Coconuts!


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