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The 5 Remarkable Benefits of Roses

Roses are more than just a beautiful smelling flower. Their petals are full of amazing benefits that do wonders for our skin. From treating acne to moisturizing the driest of skin, roses are a necessity in everyone’s beauty regimen! Don’t believe me? Well, then you just have to check out these 5 remarkable benefits of roses! Soon you’ll be doing more than just stopping to smell the roses!


1. Anti-inflamatory:

The amazing oil derived from roses has been shown to reduce facial inflammation. Suffering from puffiness, acne, or even eczema? Try applying soothing rose oil to the inflamed areas. Also try using a rose water facial spray as a midday treat to rid your skin of inflammation.

2. Moisturization:

Rose oil has wonderful moisturization properties. The Essential Fatty Acids in the oil keeps the skin hydrated. If you’re suffering from dry skin, try delicately rubbing a small amount of the oil into your skin. Your skin will not only smell delicious but will be soft and happy!

3. Antioxidants:

Who doesn’t love antioxidants? Roses happen to be full of the lovely little antioxidants that help block out the free radicals that damage our precious skin.

4. Anti-aging:

The look of more youthful skin is now only 1 rose away. The Vitamin A and C found is roses works wonders for reducing wrinkles and evening out your skin tone.

5. Anti-bacterial:

The superb antibacterial properties of roses are wonderful for acneic skin, such as my own.  If you suffer from acne, try using rose oil or rose water (fresh is the best!) to keep bacteria off of your precious face.


Why do YOU love roses??


Peace, Love & Roses!





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