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May 2014

Oxylent: A Different Kind of Vitamin

So, I’m pretty much a mind reader (didn’t ya know?), and I just know all of you are sitting and pondering ways to spice up your vitamin intake! Well, have no fear! My sisters and I recently tried a product that we think you’ll like. Ever hear of Oxylent?


Oxylent, coming in powder form, quickly dissolves in water, is easy to swallow, and easy to digest. Is it just me or do almost all other vitamins only come in size horse-pill?

With Oxylent you get a daily dose of a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & antioxidants. In addition to all the goodness Oxylent does contain, you can be certain it is free of sugar, GMO’s, dairy, gluten, and soy.

It’s very common for products containing vitamins and minerals to have that weird vitamin-y taste (is that word? How about vitamin-esque?…No?…Well, you get the point). Sweetened with Stevia, Oxylent is surprisingly delicious, bubbly, and refreshing and comes in yummy flavors like Berry, Blackberry Pomegranate, and Mandarin.

There is also a formula for children and women who are pregnant.

Have any of you ever tried Oxylent? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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~ Letisha

Interview with the Ladies Behind ‘The Milk Collective’

MOVE OVER, regular ol’ baby toys! The Milk Collective has arrived!

This lovely UK based business has set the stage for a new type of handmade baby goods. The Milk Collective, run by Paulita Ramone and Jazmin Brown, features handmade baby goods that every baby and mommy will LOVE. Trust me, you will not be able to pass up these adorable creations (especially with names like Polly Bean!) 

Want to learn more about The Milk Collective? Check out our exclusive interview below!


(left: Paulita Ramone; right: Jazmin Brown)

The Milk Collective is such a cool name? How did you guys come up with it?

Well, the name was sort of an accident. When Paula joined up with me I had already chosen the name Milk. One day we were just chatting about joining forces and she referred to the business as ‘The Milk Collective’ and the name just stuck! It actually works really well for us because its a collective of mamas creating and crafting our way through the world.”

What made you want to start your own business? Why infant items?

“We have both always been into crafting coming from creative backgrounds. It started out as just something we could do together while having coffee or something. Once we got going we realised that this could actually work as a real business. There’s a market for our product. We chose baby items because we are both expecting babies and it seemed to be a natural fit. Everything just happened so naturally. We are both starting families of our own and babies are on our minds 24/7 so of course we would create baby stuff.”


What’s your inspiration behind the designs?

“Jaz and I arent the typical “mum” you would see walking down the street. We are definitely more alternative. We wanted to create toys and clothes that would cater to the alternative, punky, hippy mum. Of course our items can suit anyone’s taste but we wanted to make sure that there was something out there for the mums with tattoos and who believe in attachment parenting.”

We can’t get over how cute the names of the toys are: Polly Bean, Rosie, Biscuit! How did you choose the names?

“The names all come from the music we listen to. Polly Bean is taken from PJ Harvey aka Polly Jean. Iggy from Iggy Pop naturally, The Gwen from Gwen Stefani, you get the idea. Music and Art is such a big part of our lives that we want to reflect that through our products.” 

Did you girls have any toys you couldn’t live without as babies?

“Ha-ha , seriously? At our age? Not a chance we can even remember!”

You guys are both expecting little bundles of joy in the fall! Congratulations!! Any advice for the new moms and soon-to-be moms out there?

“Thanks! Our advice to new and soon-to-be mums is you should go with the flow and trust your instinct. Take whatever advice other people give with a pinch of salt. You know your baby best. There is no real guides out there for having a baby so just take each day as it comes and enjoy every minute of it. They grow up so fast.”


One last question: Do you guys ship internationally?

“Yes! Upon checking out you will see the costs for shipping internationally. We will ship all over the world! :)”

Visit these lovely ladies at themilkcollective.bigcartel.com.

Enjoy 20% off your purchase with coupon code “grandopen20”.

Peace, Love & Coconuts!


The 5 Remarkable Benefits of Roses

Roses are more than just a beautiful smelling flower. Their petals are full of amazing benefits that do wonders for our skin. From treating acne to moisturizing the driest of skin, roses are a necessity in everyone’s beauty regimen! Don’t believe me? Well, then you just have to check out these 5 remarkable benefits of roses! Soon you’ll be doing more than just stopping to smell the roses!


1. Anti-inflamatory:

The amazing oil derived from roses has been shown to reduce facial inflammation. Suffering from puffiness, acne, or even eczema? Try applying soothing rose oil to the inflamed areas. Also try using a rose water facial spray as a midday treat to rid your skin of inflammation.

2. Moisturization:

Rose oil has wonderful moisturization properties. The Essential Fatty Acids in the oil keeps the skin hydrated. If you’re suffering from dry skin, try delicately rubbing a small amount of the oil into your skin. Your skin will not only smell delicious but will be soft and happy!

3. Antioxidants:

Who doesn’t love antioxidants? Roses happen to be full of the lovely little antioxidants that help block out the free radicals that damage our precious skin.

4. Anti-aging:

The look of more youthful skin is now only 1 rose away. The Vitamin A and C found is roses works wonders for reducing wrinkles and evening out your skin tone.

5. Anti-bacterial:

The superb antibacterial properties of roses are wonderful for acneic skin, such as my own.  If you suffer from acne, try using rose oil or rose water (fresh is the best!) to keep bacteria off of your precious face.


Why do YOU love roses??


Peace, Love & Roses!





Simple Tricks for Fuller, Thicker Eyebrows

thicker eyebrows

Fuller, thicker eyebrows sound like a dream come true. Okay, I can’t be the only one that dreams about these things! Anyone?! A lot of us eyebrow-doers (that’s a word, for now) have the tendency to take advantage of the brows we were born with. Most of us have had at least one moment in our lives when we fell victim to the inevitable: over plucking, over waxing, and the dreaded brow shaving.

Well, have no fear ladies and gents! One of the latest beauty trends on the market is designed to fix all of your eyebrow woes: Lace Front Eyebrows. These babies are designed to stick onto your natural brows much like a sticker would. They give you the look of fuller eyebrows without the commitment!

Now, if you love the idea of thicker, fuller eyebrows, but aren’t completely committed to the lace front brow, allow me to share a few ‘brow’ tips!:

Our Simple Tricks for Fuller, Thicker Eyebrows:

1. Castor Oil:

If you’ve read our post on Castor Oil for Hair Growth, you’ll know why I love this magic oil so much! It has done wonders — WONDERS I tell you! — on my eyebrows. Areas where my brow was thinning from over-plucking & waxing, slowly grew back. Within weeks of daily application my eyebrows had what I would call a “fresh canvas”.

Try applying a small amount of castor oil to each brown every night for a few weeks or until you achieve your desired results.


2. Brow Pencil:

I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by the thought of filling in my own eyebrows. My fear usually went something like this: I would apply the brow pencil ever-so-gently. Once I left the house and entered the gleaming sunlight, I would look like I had smudged black lipstick all over my eyebrows. Now, I love Bert as much as any other Sesame Street fan, but this wasn’t quite the look I was going for.

Now that I have taken the plunge towards filling in my brows, I am happy to say that I love it! It gives my eyebrows a much fuller, deeper look. Since I wear glasses, I like to have the contrast between my dark rimmed glasses and dark, fuller brows.

If you are ready to fill in your brows try giving these natural pencils a shot. Many natural brow pencils tend to contain castor oil, which is an added bonus!


These are the 2 easiest ways to achieve thicker, fuller brows without committing to the lace front. Have you tried castor oil for eyebrow growth or are you ready to give the lace fronts a try?


Peace, Love & Coconuts!

~  Zeena

My Secret to Staying Fit

If you’re like the majority of the people in the world, being healthy is important (on some level). Despite this, so many people have a great deal of difficulty doing so, often due to lack of information or to the overwhelming number of temptations we are presented with on a daily basis. Now let me first say that there is no one secret way to be healthy, but after much trial and error, I have had success with a few different techniques.

Read on for my secret to staying fit & healthy.

(Excuse the mess, I'm a busy young lady)

(Excuse the mess, I’m a busy young lady)

1. Gather information.
This is important. The more knowledge you have, the smarter you will be to be when it comes to making decisions about your health and fitness. You’ll be much less likely to fall for weight-loss “gimmicks” because you’ll be armed with the information that easily and quite often debunks the outlandish claims made by a lot of these fad diet pills, shakes, smoothies, and ab crunchers. You’ll also know what it’s going to take for YOU to be healthy. For example, I know my weight, my body fat %, my muscle mass, my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), and my Caloric Maintenance Level. With this information, you’ll be able to determine the best plan for your road to better health.

2. Get a fitness routine.
Many reasons that people avoid exercise is yes, due to laziness, but it is also largely due to uncertainty. People often don’t know what exercises are best for them, which are most effective, or even what exercises they might actually enjoy. The focus is often on what they hate about working out. You’ve got to change your mindset and focus on what you love. Do some experimenting, do research, take a fitness class, get a trainer – do what ever you feel is best for you to learn the best fitness routine for YOU.

3. Set Goals.
You’re far more likely to see success if you know what you’re striving for. You’re also more likely to stick to your routine each time you achieve a goal. It acts like a mini push or motivation to keep going. People often say “I want to lose weight/ get in shape”, then they join a gym (often after New Years), work out for a month or two, and then quit. You have to set goals. Saying you want to lose 30 lbs is not enough. So you want to lose 30 lbs, well typically people lose fat at a rate of .5 – 2 lbs per week. The more overweight you are, the faster the weight will come off. With that being said, to lose 30 lbs (of fat), it will take approximately 4 MONTHS (at least) or up to 1 YEAR and 3 MONTHS. So, quitting your routine after 2 months isn’t going to cut it. You’ll also be able to use your weekly fat loss rate to ensure you’re staying on track. Suddenly you go from seeing yourself losing 1 pound per week to having lost almost 10 pounds in 2 months! What a huge motivator!

4. Get more protein.
The general rule is: consume 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh. So, for me I should be eating 123 grams of protein per day (sounds like a lot, I know) BUT it’s DOABLE! Most people get nowhere near what they need with all of that processed junk food out there.
(Note: 1g of protein = 4 calories. Be sure to factor this into your caloric intake for the day. Example: 123g of protein = 492 calories. That means the rest of your calories should come from carbohydrates and fat.)

Sleep is so much more important than people think. Get your 8 hours, period. My generation loves using the terminology “Team no sleep” I cringe when I hear this. It somehow seems to imply that those who forgo sleep in pursuit of professional endevours are in some way superior to those who “succumb” to a decent nights rest. The reality is, those who make a decent nights sleep a priority know how important it is your health. Those who sleep more and lead a healthy lifestyle can critically think and process information far better than someone who is sleep deprived and are also less likely to get sick or have mood disorders. Now if you ask me, someone who’s brain is half asleep because they have not slept or is constantly sick and/or moody and irritable is not someone who is superior by any means. Not to mention when your sleep deprived, you are more likely to overeat junk because your body is looking for quick energy. Get your sleep.

6. DRINK…water.
All other health benefits aside, water is so important when it comes to regulating your cravings. Forget about some super pill thats going to keep your cravings at bay. A huge part of the equation is WATER (and sleep). So drink up.

7. Monitor your snacking.
No matter how hard you work out, if you pack all those calories back on through snacking, your are essentially undoing all of the hard work you just did. Snack healthy, but snack smart and most importantly, don’t go over your caloric intake requirements for the day.

What are you doing to stay fit?

~ Letisha