May 2014

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Oxylent: A Different Kind of Vitamin

So, I’m pretty much a mind reader (didn’t ya know?), and I just know all of you are sitting and pondering ways to spice up your vitamin intake! Well, have no fear! My sisters and I recently tried a product that we think you’ll like. Ever hear of Oxylent?   Oxylent, coming in powder form, quickly dissolves […]

Interview with the Ladies Behind ‘The Milk Collective’

MOVE OVER, regular ol’ baby toys! The Milk Collective has arrived! This lovely UK based business has set the stage for a new type of handmade baby goods. The Milk Collective, run by Paulita Ramone and Jazmin Brown, features handmade baby goods that every baby and mommy will LOVE. Trust me, you will not be able to pass […]

The 5 Remarkable Benefits of Roses

Roses are more than just a beautiful smelling flower. Their petals are full of amazing benefits that do wonders for our skin. From treating acne to moisturizing the driest of skin, roses are a necessity in everyone’s beauty regimen! Don’t believe me? Well, then you just have to check out these 5 remarkable benefits of roses! […]

Simple Tricks for Fuller, Thicker Eyebrows

Fuller, thicker eyebrows sound like a dream come true. Okay, I can’t be the only one that dreams about these things! Anyone?! A lot of us eyebrow-doers (that’s a word, for now) have the tendency to take advantage of the brows we were born with. Most of us have had at least one moment in our lives when we fell victim […]

My Secret to Staying Fit

If you’re like the majority of the people in the world, being healthy is important (on some level). Despite this, so many people have a great deal of difficulty doing so, often due to lack of information or to the overwhelming number of temptations we are presented with on a daily basis. Now let me first say […]