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ban bad breath

Bad breath: we’ve all been there. With the amount of stuff we put into our mouths on a daily basis, it’s no wonder our pie holes begin to stink after a while! So, what exactly IS bad breath? Well folks, bad breath happens when bacteria builds up in your mouth and creates a foul odor. This is also known as halitosis or malodor. Bad breath and its lovely foulness seems to pop up and surprise you when you least expect it: during that morning yawn, when you’re talking with your friend after a tasty onion-filled lunch, or just mid-day! The good news is there are easy ways to ban bad breath for good!:

Brush Well

Brush your teeth thoroughly before bed. I know–it’s like pointing out the obvious. However, not brushing your teeth properly before bed allows ample bacteria to grow and cause stronger bad breath than if you had brushed correctly. Make sure to brush, floss and rinse thoroughly.


Chew Mint Leaves

Mint leaves contain wonderful antibacterial properties. Chewing on the leaves for a few minutes can help to reduce bad breath and leave you with a minty aftertaste. Instead of gum, store a few mint leaves in your bag for easy access!


Lemon Water

Another great reason to use lemons! Lemon water is not only refreshing and detoxifying but it helps to freshen breath by rinsing away any leftover residue that’s causing the bad breath.


Less Meat & Diary

Higher consumption of meat and dairy products has been linked to bad breath. Try reducing the amount of meat and dairy to help alleviate the odor.


Clean Your Tongue

The tongue holds onto food residue and bacteria. Keeping it clean by brushing it or using a tongue scraper can help to reduce bad breath.

How do you keep your breath fresh? We want to hear your natural tips and tricks for how you ban bad breath!


**Chronic bad breath could indicate an underlying health issue such as acid reflux. In this case, you may want to visit a doctor or health specialist.


Peace, Love, and Coconuts.


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