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Eat This….But Not With That!

As if maintaining a healthy diet in a busy, junk food-filled society wasn’t enough, but it turns out there are actually certain foods that should NOT be eaten together.

Yup, there are different foods, that when eaten together can actually do more harm than good. That fatigued feeling after a meal or the stomach ache that follows a meal is often the result of a bad food combination.
bad food combinations
All of that can be avoided though! Below are a few quick rules that will ensure you stomach and body is energized, happy, & healthy!
  • Eat fruit alone. Because fruits are digested so quickly, if they are combined with other foods (starches, proteins, or fats), your stomach will choose to digest the other contents, leaving the fruit to rot in your stomach. This of course is quite toxic. Avoid it. The only exception is that fruits can be combined with other fruits or nuts.


  • Don’t combine protein & starch. Protein and starch are both digested differently, each needing a  different enzyme, different acidity levels, and time taken to digest. Our stomachs can only focus one one however, and will choose to digest protein first. This will cause the starch to sit in your stomach for longer, leading to decomposition and this can be toxic for your body

  • Stick to one protein at a time. Too many different types of proteins eaten together are a lot to handle and can take quite a bit of energy to digest. Avoid it if you can.
Below are 10 common food combinations that should be avoided:
  1. Banana & Dairy Milk
  2. Yogurt & Fruit Parfait
  3. Spaghetti with tomatoes or tomato sauce
  4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  5. Cheese Filled Omelets
  6. Eggs & Bacon
  7. Eggs & Fruit
  8. Hamburgers, Hotdogs, or any other meat filled sandwiches
  9. Chips & Salsa
  10. Rice & Beans
Generally protein & veggies are fine when combined, starches & veggies are okay, and fruit & nuts are okay together too. Also, certain food combinations can become tolerable depending on how they are prepared, when they are combined with different spices, or if veggies are added to the meal. It should also be noted that certain people who have been eating particular food combinations for many years, may have adapted to the food combination and can tolerate them better than someone who is not used to eating those foods together.
Do you think you might be experiencing the negative side effects of bad food combinations? For the next week or two, try only eating the right combination of foods together and see how your body responds. See how you feel. Your stomach might just surprise you!
~ Letisha

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  • Sue says:

    That sounds controversial as amny of us has grown up on these combos.

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      You’re absolutely right, Sue. This topic is quite controversial, but its important to note that in the case where we grow up on different food combinations as a result of our cultural background, our bodies can become accustomed; adjusting so that the same gastrointestinal distress described in this post, may not be experienced.

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