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Our world is changing. More and more of our food has become prepackaged; vacuumed sealed, stickered-up, and labelled with its nutritional facts.

As a society, we have also grown increasingly concerned over the exact nutritional content of the foods we eat: calories, carbs, sugar, protein — the list goes on! We almost HAVE to become obsessed because it’s so easy to go over our nutritional requirements for any particular nutrient. You can eat a whole bag of chips and end up meeting or even exceeding certain nutritional requirements. Not in the good way though, particularly when referring to something like salt.


Salt is everywhere: from the ground we walk on to the food we eat. The salt we generally think of is typically consumed in the Sodium-Chloride form. Each nutrient that we consume generally serves a purpose and is important to our body’s function and sodium is one of them. Sodium and Salt, has gotten a bad rap over the years, for being the destroyer of blood pressure and synonymous with the sodium in all those processed foods. Salt & sodium are not the bad guys though.

Why is salt good for us?

1. Assists in the regulation of  nerve and muscle function

2. Regulates body fluid balance

Now, too much salt is where the problem lies. The recommended daily sodium intake is 1,500 mg. The highest recommended level is 2,300 mg (Source: CDC, 2014).

There are different types of salt on the market such as processed table salt, Himalayan, sea salt, pink salt, to name a few. Regular processed table salt typically lacks minerals that can be found in salts that are less processed such as pink or Himalayan.

Before you swear off salt consider using a less processed, more natural salt. Also, you may just need to reduce the amount you use. Try adding a sprinkle of salt at the end of cooking, that way you can really get that salty flavor. Lastly, reduce the processed foods you eat which usually adds huge amounts of sodium to your daily intake. The key to a healthy life is balance with everything.

Peace, Love, & Coconuts

~ Nalani

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  • Sue says:

    Great article Nalani

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Thank you Sue! 🙂

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