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Clarisonic Mia Review

By March 30, 2014Beauty, Home, Skin Care

clarisonic mia

I began using the Clarisonic Mia about a year and a half ago and wanted to update you all on my progress. As you may know, I suffered from a bout of facial-acne from the age of about 19-22. I had never suffered from acne at the peak of my teenage years like most do, so I was utterly stumped when it started as I entered the latter half of my college years.

After a long battle, using a combination of organic skin cleansers, better diet, exercise, probiotic supplements, and fish oil, my skin FINALLY normalized.
I still had the occasional break-out, so was seeking a better wary to cleanse. My sister Zeena introduced me to the Clarisonic Mia which she said she’s had great results with. Skeptical of the ultrasonic-cleansing brush after reading reviews of how this made some people’s acne worse, I ultimately gave in and decided to give it a shot.
I did end up experiencing the infamous “purging” that occurs when you begin ultra-sonic classing, but those break-outs eventually cleared and I must say, I am happy that I stuck with the Clarisonic Mia as it has helped keep my breakouts at bay and my pores relatively clear.
(See below for my initial review of the Clarisonic Mia.)
Do you use the Clarisonic Mia or another ultrasonic cleanser? What has your experience been? Comment below!
~ Letisha

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