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What You Should Know About Energy Drinks

The speed of our daily lives seem to grow faster and faster as time goes on. Feeling pressure to ‘keep up’ we’ve seen a staggering increase in the number of products on the market that are classified as ‘energy boosters’. I believe some supplemental products can truly benefit the body; fish oil for example, but when it comes to energy enhancers, I refuse to go any further than a single cup of black coffee in the morning, and thats IF I drink one that day.

Let’s talk about why our bodies are exhausted. We are over working ourselves, devoid of nutrients, dehydrated, sleep Energy drinkdeprived, or suffering from a condition. In any case, I firmly believe the solution to any problem should be to find the root of it and then SOLVE IT not cover it up, put a mask on it, give it a new name and hope all goes well, because it never will! Another problem always arises and then the old one resurfaces, look, now you have two!

So, all these energy boosting agents are not something I would recommend. They are merely short term solutions, a “quick fix” to your problem and when it comes to our health, quick fixes are usually never a good route. If you are sleep deprived, GET MORE SLEEP. Don’t cover it up by drinking an energy drink or chewing energy gum, or spraying energy mist into your mouth (yes, apparently they have that now). There are a whole boat load of issue that can arise from a lack of sleep but I won’t go into that.

Not to mention, many of these energy boosting products are FULL of sugar. Constant consumption of these sugary beverages and other substances can lead to diabetes. A common misconception when it comes to diabetes is that you have to be overweight to develop this disease, when in fact, you can be thin and still develop diabetes from a diet containing too much sugar. 

Part of being healthy is training your mind to listen to your  body. When you feel something, how ABLE are you to figure out what it is?

If I am feeling sluggish, I ask myself a series of questions. Did I get enough sleep last night? Have I had enough water? Did I have a really hard work out the day before? Did I consume enough calories? What did I eat? Depending on my answers to these question, I am able to figure out what needs to be done to solve it. If I just cover up my symptoms with an energy drink, 3 months later, the problem has now turned into a an even worse condition and on top of that, I’m putting added stress on my body from the potentially harmful and artificial substances in these energy boosting products.

I base the premise of my diet on this, if its artificial, its probably not good for you (thats not to say anything natural is our best friend either, but you get the point). We are organic creatures and that should be reflected in our diet.

There are numerous testimonials out there about people that have suffered from crashes, vomiting, chronic fatigue, jitters, headaches, lightheadedness, numbness, nerve damage, and the list goes on, all from these energy products.  That’s ONLY what they are aware of though. Who knows what could be going on inside their body that they may not even become aware of until it has caused irreversible damage.

My mother, who has been a registered nurse for 30 years, always told me that when you experience a symptom, it’s your body trying to tell you on the OUTSIDE what is happening INSIDE.

And I will say this, despite the fact that some have been able to use these energy enhancing substances without noticeable consequence, it does not mean that they are not causing damage, damage that you simply cannot see. So please, do your research and know the risks and benefits of anything beforehand so you are able to make informed decisions.

What are your thoughts on energy drinks and other energy boosting products?

~ Letisha

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