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What’s the deal with Coconut Water?

What’s the deal with Coconut Water?

Coconut water is popping up everywhere! This super refreshing substance has been showing up more and more often in stores and retailers and who can blame them?! Coconut water is a tasty and healthy beverage. Nutrition wise (per 8 fl oz) it generally contains:

  • 30-50 calories
  •  250 mg sodium
  •  5-10 g sugar

coconut water

Reasons why it’s often considered a “super drink” …

Reason #1:

The natural electrolytes. It contains loads of potassium and a good amount of calcium, vitamin C, iron, and sodium. These vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients needed by the body.


It’s natural! Coconut water is nothing new to people where coconuts are grown natively, but here in the US (excluding Hawaii) natural foods often take a back seat to the processed. Hopping on the natural, organic trend, coconut water has made its debut and become so popular because it is a natural, healthy, refreshing option for those who dislike more processed drinks like Gatorade.

Reason #3:

Coconut water is tasty! It’s a mildly sweet and salty yet fruity combination that manages to work so well together. Also, it is available in super convenient to go containers, which I will support as a MUCH better option than grabbing a soda or other healthy, but high calorie drinks like orange juice.


Overall coconut water is great and I do enjoy it. It’s important to know that there are different brands out there with wide variance in taste. One of the most popular brand is Zico.  The coconut water featured in my photo is AMAzon, this is a mix of coconut water and white tea …delicious!)

What’s your favorite healthy drink? Comment below or let us know on Facebook!

Peace, Love, & Coconuts

~ Nalani

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