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Don’t Worry…Be Happy | It’s Good for Your Health

By December 20, 2013Health & Fitness, Home

What is happiness? Better yet, what is happiness to you?

This question was probably very easy for some to answer and then rather difficult for others to answer.happy man

It’s no secret that life is hard. It’s full of negativity, conflict, struggle, sorrow, pain, death (I don’t think I need to go on..), but you can hardly be surprised when life in general begins to weigh on you. It seems only inevitable right?

I believe mental health is equally as important as physical health and so we should dedicate equally as much time to our mental health, as we do our physical health (or even physical appearance).

If you struggled to answer what happiness was to you, I urge you to invest some time in figuring out what makes you happy. Even for those who could answer with ease, reflection can be a powerful thing. It helps you to answers questions you didn’t even know you had.

Take a moment, grab a pen, some paper (or your phone, you cellphone addicts..) and write down 20 things that make you happy. I know what you’re thinking, TWENTY?!? That’s too much! I can’t think of 20 things that make me happy!

Well, look at it this way, I bet you could very quickly come up with 20 things that you hate, or that piss you off, or flat out stir some type of negative emotion in you. So, we have to teach ourselves to be more positive. Focus on the good, the great, the amazing. So, I am going to write out my list for you. Here goes nothing (wait, be more positive.) Here goes something!….(jeopardy music)…

  1. My Family
  2. My sisters and everything about them
  3. My two closest friends
  4. Spending time with my boyfriend
  5. Running
  6. Baking
  7. Listening to a song/music that touches my soul
  8. Warm summer nights
  9. Listening to crickets
  10. Holidays with my family
  11. Watching the ID channel and pretty much any crime  show
  12. Watching romantic comedies
  13. Painting my toes!
  14. Writing for Brown & Coconut of course!
  15. Shopping, or even just window-shopping. (something about being around so many new things!! 😀
  16. Drinking a hot cup of black coffee on a saturday morning
  17. Listening to rain/thunderstorms
  18. Spending quality time by myself
  19. Summer cookouts
  20. Sleeping (a lot)!!

Phew!! Okay, I did it! I can’t lie to you guys, I banged out the first 7 with ease, then I had to think for a second, but was able to get another 7 pretty quickly. Once I hit 14 I was STUCK! How bad is that??? Some deep thought got me 3 more, but the last 3 were quite a struggle!

You see why this needs to be done! Because we so easily forget what makes us happy. We focus on the negativity so much that the happiness gets pushed to the back of our minds, or even worse, out of our minds altogether! That negativity will gradually translate into physical problems, and what was once just in your mind, is now affecting your body.

So, I want you guys to make your lists. After you’re done, go check off each thing that you do regularly. How many checks out of 20 do you have? I have 10/20 — 50%, eh, that’s not so good. While some of these I can’t help, like if we go through a drought, well I clearly can’t listen to the rain, but what this means is that I need to find MORE things that make me happy that I can do regularly. I need to add more positivity to my life.

So, go make your lists! Don’t worry, I’ll wait…. *elevator music*

How did they come out?? What’s on your list?? How many of your list items do you do/experience regularly out of 20?? Comment below!!

I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say. 🙂

~ Letisha

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  • sandy says:

    Thank you for this.( I haven’t written my list yet, but I’m going to). I just wanted to say, “thank you”. I love your articles and brown & coconut are one of my favs. Merry Christmas!

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Sandy, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my article and even more so that you love our blog! It’s always wonderful to hear positive feedback. Everything we write comes from personal experience so knowing we are connecting with our readers is extremely rewarding! Good luck with your list Sandy. Come back and tell us how everything goes. I’d love to hear about it! Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year! 🙂

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