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So, I have heard the words shampoo bar being thrown around on many natural hair care forums, but never gave it much thought until Zeena and I were browsing a local naturally based food & body care shop.

Of course when we entered the shop, we B-lined it for the hair-care section like the true addicts we are, and there they were shampoo bars.jpg*cue the music*…the shampoo bars!

Zeena and I immediately got all googly-eyed and snatched a bar off the shelf to take a look. After some long and careful consideration (more like 2.5 seconds) I was SOLD and threw it in my basket to buy!

I purchased my bar for about $6 and busted that baby out as soon as I got home. First things first, that little sucker is SLIPPERY. As soon as it got wet, I couldn’t pin it down, it was sliding all over the shower! With that being said, I have never experienced a shampoo product with that much slip! Fabulous for my curls! The shampoo bar lathered wonderfully and worked through my hair with ease. After a nice massage with my finger tips, I rinsed. The shampoo rinsed out easily and left my hair feeling clean, but not stripped and straw-like! AMAZING!

When my hair dried, it was shiny, curl-licious, bouncy, and soft!

Will I purchase a shampoo bar again? You bet your bottom dollar! In fact, I don’t think I will be going back to regular shampoo…

Quick Facts:

  • Great latherShampoo Bar
  • Great slip
  • Neutral smell
  • Cleanses hair well
  • Non-drying

I would definitely recommend going for the natural/organically based shampoo bars and steering clear of the shampoo bars made with chemicals or other unnatural substances.

Are you new to shampoo bars? Read this to help you get started.

Have you tired shampoo bars but seem to experience negative results? Read this to find out what may be going wrong.

Want some help choosing the right bar for you? Click here. This site offers samples at a reduced price!

Have you tried shampoo bars? What do you think of them?

If you haven’t tried them, would you consider it?

~ Letisha

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  • nancy says:

    Im in Boston, can you tell me where you purchased your shampoo bar. thanks!!

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Of course! Cambridge Naturals in Porter Sqaure! The shampoo bar is made by “Just Soap” and we purchased the one for normal to dry hair.

      Come back and Let us know how you like it!

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