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DIY Fix for Broken Nails

By December 4, 2013Beauty, Home, Nail Care

Wait! Before you do something irrational, let’s talk about this… I know how you must feel but there is a way we can fix this!

One broken nail doesn’t have to be the end to your nail growing success! So, before you take out those nail clippers to clip, clip away, hear me out.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to preserve a broken/split nail is by way of the “tea bag method”. This method uses the cloth-like material of the tea bag as a “band-aid” for your broken nail, holding the pieces together until the nail can grow out.

So, if you’ve broken a nail just before a big day, DO NOT PANIC! This simple method takes only about 15 minutes and will have your nails looking as long and classy as before the break!

Ready? Take a deep breath. Here’s what we’re going to do:

broken nail fix

  • Start by cutting a piece of the tea bag to cover the nail split plus some extra surface area. For example, if your split is as big as a dime (then it’s time to say goodbye) you’re going to need a nickel size piece of tea bag.
  • Cover the broken nail with your favorite base coat. Mine happens to be Sally Hansen’s Triple Strong Base Coat. This acts as a glue to hold the tea bag down.
  • Apply the tea bag piece over the wet polish.¬†Gently paint another coat over that nail.
  • Once dry, gently buff the edges so you can’t tell where the nail and tea bag meet. Make sure to gently buff the top of the tea bag, as well. This helps it look natural/non-existent. Be careful you don’t buff the tea bag so much that it actually becomes non-existent! We still need it!
  • Once the buffing is done, apply one last coat of the base coat. This seals the deal.
  • When that coat is dry, your broken nail is as good as new and ready for the big leagues!

For more tips on how to keep your nails strong and long, click here!

Have you tried the tea bag method for your broken nails? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Peace, love & coconuts!


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