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3 Ways to Save Your Skin

By November 13, 2013Beauty, Featured, Home, Skin Care

Winter is here! Or at least it will be coming very soon, but either way the cold weather is in full effect. Cold weather can wreak havoc on skin. For years I experienced the same repeat issues every time the winter came around. Fortunately, I have found 3 simple and best ways to have beautiful skin even during the cold, harsh months.

1. Exfoliation
This step is absolutely critical! Cold weather with decreased dew points means less moisture for your skin. As a result, dry flakey winter skinpatches. These dry patches can be irritating to skin and cause bleeding due to cracked skin or breakouts because of the dry skin clogging pores. Exfoliating will help rid of dead skin by actively rubbing away the too dead layer and will keep fresh breathable skin.

2. Oil up!
Many people complain of dry, oily or combo skin. Either way, winter can bother all of them. The cold, dry air can exasperate dry skin, lack of moisture can cause oily skin to overproduce oil, and combo skin…well it just gets the worst of both worlds. Supplying skin with necessary oil is great way to avoid all of those issues. My absolute favorite oil to use on my face is Argan oil. Every time I use it, my skin just soaks it up and reduces redness, breakouts, and alleviates dry patches. I also notice that my face is far less oily and shiny at the end of the day, which I love!

3. Steam Mask
Once again, that dry air can be your skin’s worst enemy. Between the air, the dirty scarf (that we continuously use over and over again, that really should be washed), and normal everyday accumulation of dirt and bacteria, the skin needs a good cleansing. One of the best ways to open pores to clean them is a steam mask! All you need is a bowl of steaming hot water and a towel. Simply place your face 8 inches from the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with the towel, so that it creates mini steam room. Do this for about 10 minutes. This opens up pores and is great way to get deep down in order to rinse out all of that dirt. Also, exfoliating immediately after helps to rid of dry patches on the face as well.

There you have it! Three simple ways to keep your skin beautiful during the winter months. These all apply to any season, but definitely have saved my skin during this season! What helps your skin during the winter? Let us know! Comment below or on our Facebook. We love hearing from you! 😉

Peace, Love, & Coconuts


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