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A New Workout for Women?

Piloxing. Heard of it?

Although not exactly “new” seeing as how it’s been around for a few years, this workout for women is definitely growing in popularity. As with most trends, this workout has swept Hollywood and is now making its way throughout the general population.  Created by Viveca Jensen, Piloxing is meant to empower women while getting them in great shape. Sporting weighted Piloxinggloves and bare feet for this 60-minute hybrid workout, women perform a combination of boxing, dance, and pilates moves through high intensity intervals. 

What do you get from Piloxing?

  • A huge calorie burning & total body workout to shed fat
  • A fun and exciting workout with no room for boredom to keep you coming back
  • Firm & toned muscles
  • A great cardiovascular workout

You can purchase your own set of Piloxing DVD’s and work out in the comfort of your own home, or join a class at a gym offering Piloxing.

Click HERE for a video preview of this hot new workout.

For more information about Piloxing and to find a class in your area, check out the official website >>>PILOXING

Tried it or want to? Comment below and tell us what you think about Piloxing??

~ Letisha

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