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Cheap Long-lasting Manicure…at Home!

By October 21, 2013Beauty, Home, Nail Care

There is nothing like a long-lasting manicure. We have all had that feeling of joy at the end of the day after looking at our nails and seeing NO chips! I mean, who wants to spend all that time filing, cutting and painting only to see that one dreaded, awful chip! Dramatic? I think NOT!

Well, have no fear, my friends! Achieving a cheap, long-lasting manicure at home is as easy as pie! You really only need 3 products: Base Coat, Polish, Top Coat. Boom. You’re done. Okay, well there is a bit more…

The trick lies in the type of polishes you buy. Trust me, there are a lot of nail polishes that will chip without any form of topcoat. Heck, I’ve even had topcoats that chip!

My favorite brand is Essie. Yes, it does chip eventually, but it paints beautifully. With that said, I have found that Sally Hansen has the best base coat and topcoat. The base coat helps the Essie polish stick. Let’s not forget to mention it makes your nails SUPER strong. Side not—if you suffer from brittle nails, pick up a bottle! You won’t regret it.

After the base coat and polish, you’re going to need an awesome top coat. Why hello again, Sally Hansen! The Mega Shine topcoat literally leaves your nails looking like gel nails. It dries super fast and prevents chipping and those annoying bumps and lumps!


Ready for your cheap, long-lasting manicure??

Here’s what your going to need:

  • Base Coat—Sally Hansen Triple Strong Strengthener
  • Essie Polish (or your favorite brand)
  • Top Coat—Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

Another tip?

Think 2-2-1.

 2 Coats of Triple Strong Strengthener + 2 Coats of Essie + 1 Coat of Mega Shine

= Long-lasting Manicure


Whats your favorite way to have a long-lasting manicure??

Peace, Love & Coconuts!



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