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6 Ways to Have the Best Night’s Sleep

It’s 11:55 PM. You’re determined to fall fast asleep before the clock strikes 12:00AM. You’ve tried counting endless sheep but nothing seems to be working! If this sounds like you, read on! You are a few tips and tricks away from having the BEST sleep of your life! Trust me!


1. Turn off the TV

How soon before bed do you watch TV? If you are trying to fall asleep soon after turning off your Sunday night show, don’t expect to fall asleep quickly! TV before bed can actually disrupt your sleep cycle and cause you to have a poor quality sleep. The remedy? Try reading a book in place of TV. After a few chapters I guarantee you will be nodding off!

2. Relaxing Tea

Tea is my absolute favorite way to fall asleep. My favorite kind is the Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea. After 1 cup of this tea I woke up feeling refreshed and energized after an amazing sleep! Chamomile tea is also a great way to relax. Silly note– make sure the tea is decaf!

yogi tea

3. Warm Bath

What’s more relaxing than a soothing bubble bath, right? If you find yourself struggling to catch your Z’s, try soaking in a warm bath. This is a lovely way to relax your mind and body. Adding Epsom Salts also helps to relax your muscles and soothe any aches and pains that may be keeping you awake at night. If you don’t like baths, try a warm shower!

4. Exercise during the day

You know that restless feeling you get during the night? I found that they best way to defeat it is to exercise during the day. Exercise helps by releasing that pent up energy in your body. Exercise also works by helping to defeat stress, which can cause restlessness at night. I mean, after a great workout who doesn’t want to hit the sheets??

5. Soothing scents

Lavender gets a lot of hype for being the ultimate herb for relaxation. My favorite body lotion by Nubian Hertiage ‘Lavender Wildflowers’ has the perfect hint of lavender which has amazing soothing properties. Try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to your favorite lotion to help relax your body and mind before bed.


6. Deep Breathing

“In through the nose, out through the mouth…” Deep breathing is a great way to relax your body and mind in order to fall asleep faster and have a better night’s sleep. It also helps to slow down your heart rate. Try focusing on your breathing rather than the endless thoughts going through your mind. Check out this great article for more deep breathing techniques for relaxation.

What are your favorite ways to make sure you have the best night’s sleep EVERY night?? Comment below!

Peace, Love & Coconuts!


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