October 2013

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5 Reasons You NEED Rosemary

Herbs just don’t get all the wonderful credit they deserve, huh?. Take Rosemary, for example. Rosemary is a fragrant and flavorful  herb that is native to the Mediterranean region. Although it is typically used in cooking, it has so many other benefits! So many that you just may find yourself using Rosemary more often then you think… 1.Skin […]

A New Workout for Women?

Piloxing. Heard of it? Although not exactly “new” seeing as how it’s been around for a few years, this workout for women is definitely growing in popularity. As with most trends, this workout has swept Hollywood and is now making its way throughout the general population.  Created by Viveca Jensen, Piloxing is meant to empower women […]

Homemade Squash & Almond Butter Soup

Brown & Coconut is obsessed with everything about fall, including all of the hearty comfort food. However for many people with dietary restrictions, it can be hard to do just that. I often hear that a vegetarian or vegan-based diet doesn’t seem filling or hearty, but that’s definitely not the case! I have a recipe […]

A Healthier Halloween

If it were up to me, I would BAN Halloween FOREVER!!! Just kidding!! But, in all seriousness, I would swap the junk & chemical-filled candy out for natural and organic treats! Think about it, we are the adults here, not the little humans walking around all dressed up with halloween buckets and pillowcases ringing our […]

Cheap Long-lasting Manicure…at Home!

There is nothing like a long-lasting manicure. We have all had that feeling of joy at the end of the day after looking at our nails and seeing NO chips! I mean, who wants to spend all that time filing, cutting and painting only to see that one dreaded, awful chip! Dramatic? I think NOT! […]

8 Reasons to Eat More Pumpkin

It’s pumpkin season! Everywhere pumpkin is popping up: bagels, breads, coffee, lattes, teas, spreads, cookies, beers, soups, donuts, and so much more! While all of these are a tasty way to enjoy pumpkin, it serves a bigger and better purpose. It is actually incredibly healthy! Below I’ve highlighted the top 8 ways pumpkin is great and […]

Fall Festivities – Apple Picking!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons: the leaves, cool weather, holidays, pumpkin flavors, and most importantly APPLE PICKING! We were finally able to go before the season ended (although we missed the fabulous berries!). We had a lovely time and were even able to score some delicious hot apple cider and yummy apple pie! […]

Exfoliating Coffee Face Mask!

A few months ago I experimented with a coffee ground face mask and… I LOVED IT! The mask was invigorating, exfoliating, and smelled delicious! (If you love the smell of coffee, that is!). Since our featured ingredient for this month is coffee, what’s better than sharing this amazing Exfoliating Coffee Face Mask? Some of the incredible benefits of topical […]

Stand at Work, Pain Free!

The popularity of a standing desk is on the rise, as our society becomes increasingly health conscious. While a standing desk is certainly better than sitting all day at work, it can also come with its own set of physical concerns.  Pain in the feet, legs, hips and back are most common and can all develop from standing for […]

6 Ways to Have the Best Night’s Sleep

It’s 11:55 PM. You’re determined to fall fast asleep before the clock strikes 12:00AM. You’ve tried counting endless sheep but nothing seems to be working! If this sounds like you, read on! You are a few tips and tricks away from having the BEST sleep of your life! Trust me! 1. Turn off the TV How […]

Reasons We Love Coffee

Coffee — AKA Java, Jo, liquid crack! Just kidding, but seriously, if you’re a coffee lover like we are, that line might be a little blurry! There’s nothing like a nice hot (or iced) cup of coffee in the morning to start your day! Now of course, too much of anything can be a bad […]

Kick the Habit: Why Soda Is So Bad

If you haven’t already heard by now, soda may just be one of the worst regularly consumed beverages out there. People everywhere from the U.S. to China are drinking the sugary, carbonated beverage and they are drinking A LOT of it. Studies continue to be published about the negative impact that regular consumption of soda can […]