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6 EASY Ways to Lose Weight

By September 26, 2013Health & Fitness, Home

You’re trying to lose some weight, but don’t have the time, energy, or patience to sit there and count every single calorie you consume.

So what do you do??

Below are a 5 quick and easy tips to help you shed pounds with little to no effort.

1) Eat lean protein at every meal. Aim to get AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in protein everydayFresh vegetables and fruits in a paper grocery bag with measuring tape (ex: 75g for 150lb person).
BENEFIT: Protein will keep you full and you won’t want to eat as much later. (Just keep the protein lean).

2) Drink a lot of water. The amount varies per person but about 2-3 liters daily is a good number.
BENEFIT: Water quiets your appetite. People often confuse hunger with thirst because your brain can’t easily tell the difference so stay hydrated.

3) Eat enough fiber. About 25 grams for women and about 30-35 for men (# varies as you age).
BENEFIT: Fiber keeps you full and satisfied and keeps your digestive tract moving.

4) Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Every night. Seriously..
BENEFIT: When you are well rested, you are less likely to overeat and crave sugary/carb-rich foods.

5) Choose complex carbs instead of simple (white) carbs and keep your servings to the size of a fist or less.
BENEFIT: Complex carbs control your blood sugar while smaller portions control your calorie intake.

6) Double up on your veggie servings.
BENEFIT: More fiber, water, & nutrients from the veggies.

All 5 of these tips are going to keep you full/satisfied throughout the day while quieting your appetite to keep you from overeating.

Easy enough right? And there was no calorie counting involved!

Give these a try!  Jump right in and do them all or start with one and gradually add a step each time until you’ve incorporated all six into your diet.

And of course, come back and let us know how it’s going! We love hearing from you 🙂

~ Letisha

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