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10 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

By September 23, 2013Health & Fitness, Home

Stress. The word alone has the power to  remind us of the most nerve-wracking moments in our lives. Frankly, it can be easy to allow that stress to over power you, warping your whole lifestyle into something unrecognizable.

So, how do we manage this monster called Stress? It is not always easy but it is possible. With these following 10 tips you can melt away stress and start living a more relaxed life.


1. Find your favorite part of your day:

This moment can even be as small as buying a hot coffee every morning at Starbucks. It’s the little moments that count the most. By doing one thing you love every day you allow yourself to not be consumed by the negativity surrounding you. My favorite part of my day? Making homemade iced tea every morning!

2. Try something new (Monotony can be boring!):

Keep it exciting. If you have the same thing for lunch every morning, try something new (like that deliciousness you have been eyeing on the menu for weeks now!). Go out for a walk after work, rather than rushing home.

3. Enjoy the little moments:

You know those moments we just let pass by without acknowledgment: the commute to work, waiting in line at Starbucks. Find enjoyment in those moments. Maybe try a new route to work or actually enjoy the scenery around you.

4. Smile. Yes. Just smile! 🙂 :

Just like yawns, smiles are contagious! When you smile, you feel good. When someone else sees you smile, they will feel good, too! Imagine how many lives (plus your own) you can improve by smiling?


5. Close your eyes and…sleep:

Give yourself time to recuperate. So many of us barely get enough hours of sleep, to begin with. Give yourself time to get more than the recommended 8 hours. Shut off your laptop, put your phone on silent and just SLEEP.

6. Don’t hold on to something you cannot change:

Admit to yourself that you did the best you could. Dwelling on the past will not do anything to change the future. We must learn from our mishaps and move on.

7. Listen to soothing music.

Music can be just like a magical getaway. Pop in some noise canceling headphones and listen to your favorite music. Have you tried Pandora’s ESP (Deep Relaxation Mix) station? Highly recommend.

8. Clean your surroundings:

De-clutter your room, de-clutter your mind. Sometimes even just a fresh set of linen on the bed can bring about relaxation. Get rid of things you don’t need. Have a Spring Cleaning in the fall…Fall Cleaning?

9. Take care of your body:

Don’t allow stress to take over your health. Eat as much whole, fresh  foods as possible and limit or eliminate processed foods. It’s so easy for us to fall off the “health bandwagon” when stressed. The bad news is that a poor diet only brings on more stress! Prepare fresh salads and snacks like peanuts, watermelon, or boiled egg the night before work or school.

10. Exercise to naturally improve your mood:

Working out is one of the best ways to improve your mood. If stress seems to be taking over your life, try getting into a solid workout routine. Find a workout buddy, too! Someone who will keep you consistent and motivated.

With these 10 tips, stress does not have to take control of your life!

What are your favorite ways to destress? Comment below!


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  • Caitlyn hall says:

    Number one is my favorite!! Just simply thinking of that favorite part of your day can make the day fly by and cheer me up! One of my favorites, on the morning commuter rail we drive by a huge mural in progress in Mansfield and everyday I sit on the same side window so I can see the progress!
    Also number three! My little moment that I love is walking to work I walk by the boston tea party museum and the harbor. It’s always so bright there!
    Great article Zeena!

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Thanks Caitlyn!

      Number 1 is my favorite as well! It’s so cool that you get to see the daily progress of the mural! (You should take pics!! 🙂 ). That sounds like an awesome view to have on the way to work by the way. The Harbor was such a nice place to relax this summer..It’s so nice to be able to have those moments that seem to take all the stress away!! 🙂 (ps. my favorite moment is listening to music on the commute to work–so relaxing!) 🙂

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