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5 Homemade Hair Masks for Luxurious Hair

By September 16, 2013Beauty, Hair Care, Home

You know that saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’? Well, I think luxurious hair is made in the kitchen, too! Okay, well sometimes! Most of my favorite hair masks can be made with ingredients I eat on a daily basis. I don’t need all the fancy & expensive conditioners and hair masks to achieve shiny, manageable hair! In fact, I find that I have better luck making my own hair masks right at home. So, what hair masks do I speak of? Check out my top 5 homemade hair masks below!

homemade hair masks

My Top 5 Homemade Hair Masks

1. Coconut Oil + Olive Oil:

What do these too ingredients have in common? Oil! If your hair LOVES moisture (of the oil variety), look no further than these beloved oils. Coconut oil does an amazing job of coating the hair strands and locking in vital moisture while strengthening your hair  (that’s right!). The combined oils create a shine and luster for dry, dull hair that is absolutely unbeatable! What if your hair doesn’t like oil? Try adding only a few drops of coconut oil and olive oil into your favorite hair conditioner. The results will be amazing.


2. Egg Yolk + Avocado:

Sounds delicious! These too puppies are what I use for DEEEEP conditioning. Egg yolk is full of vitamins like A, D, & E that all work to nourish your hair. Vitamin A encourages hair growth while Vitamin E assists in preventing hair loss. The protein from the egg yolks creates stronger hair that isn’t as prone to breakage. The avocado moisturizes your hair while promoting hair growth. Be careful, however! If you do protein treatments too often or for too long, your hair may suffer from damage! For best results, blend 2 egg yolks and 1 avocado thoroughly. I like to add a few spoonfuls of coconut oil for added shine and moisture.


3.Castor Oil + Yogurt:

When it comes to hair, castor oil is boss. Well, at least I think so! This amazing oil not only encourages new hair growth but also improves the condition of dry, lack-luster, and frizzy hair! The addition of a protein-packed yogurt only makes for an even better hair mask. That protein is great for preventing breakage. Not to mention that the yogurt is full of vitamins like Vitamin B5 that works to seal in the moisture in your hair. Sounds lovely, right?


4. Vinegar + Water:

Okay, so what if you don’t have the time or money to be making all of these hair masks? Look no further than your standard Apple Cider Vinegar! This is my favorite ingredient for instantly soft and luscious hair. The ACV does wonders by closing the hair cuticle that becomes raised after shampooing (that rough feeling of your hair after shampooing). The ACV also works to remove any hair build-up from conditioners, leave-ins, you name it. And not to mention, who doesn’t want super SHINY hair?! Mix a few tables of apple cider vinegar with fresh spring water and pour over hair after shampooing and conditioning.


5. Beer + Beer:

That’s right! Your beer has been holding out on you! How, you ask? Well, let’s start with two ingredients in beer: malt & hops. The proteins in malt and hops do WONDERS for dry, damaged hair while creating stronger, healthier hair. The sucrose in beer creates that beautiful shine we are all looking for! Simply pour any flat beer over your hair after shampooing, then rinse.


As much as I love making hair masks, not every ingredient proves to be the best. I had to learn that the hard way when I made a banana hair mask. I know, it sounds amazing! But to my surprise, it was a horrible decision! In fact, banana proved to be one of the most difficult and non-effective ingredients I have used on my hair (harsh, I know…if only bananas had ears). I spent hours rinsing out little banana pieces only to see MORE bits falling out the next day! If you must try banana in your hair, make sure that it is well (and I mean WELL) blended.


Peace, love & coconuts!


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  • Vaitlyn says:

    I just love the thought of mushing bananas in my hair.. not! Who thinks of this stuff? I heard before that mayonnaise is good on hair but am fearful to try.. Hmmm.. But I am def. going to try the beer one!

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Haha!! I agree, Caitlyn! Mashed banana was SOO not a good idea! LOL. I also have never tried mayonnaise..and I probably won’t! But definitely give the beer a try! I think you’ll like it!! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Marche' says:

        I totally agree…mashed banana cannot be fun. Instead I’ve used banana baby food. Yes, it sounds GROSS. But mixed with olive oil and honey…WONDERFUL!!!

        • Brown & Coconut says:

          Hi Marche! Baby food is an amazing idea (not gross at all!). It sounds like it really does an awesome job! Best part is that there are no mushy banana chunks! Yay! Thanks for sharing!! 😀

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