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DIY: Cinnamon Kitchen Disinfectant

I don’t know about you but I can’t STAND the smell of chemical-based cleaners. They are so toxic! And what’s the pointKitchen Disinfectant of taking care of your body, eating well, and exercising regularly, only to then breath in toxic chemicals?

Seems to defeat the purpose right? Plus, why would you want to use harsh chemicals around your food or places where you cook and eat?
Well, here’s a great little concoction you can use to sanitize your cutting boards, countertops, sinks, and/or refrigerator. Particularly if you’ve been working with raw meat or fish.

DIY: Cinnamon Kitchen Disinfectant


Combine 1 teaspoon of cinnamon oil for every 12 oz of hydrogen peroxide. Shake and spritz away!
  • For a less harsh mixture, replace hydrogen peroxide with water.
  • Contents will separate, shake before each use.
The reason this works is because of cinnamons antimicrobial properties.
What a nice way to kill bacteria and freshen the air with a nice cinnamon fragrance! Naturally!
Give this little concoction a try and tell us what you think!
~ Letisha

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