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My Favorite Fats!

By September 4, 2013Health & Fitness, Home

Despite what we’ve been told in the past about dietary fats, the truth remains…fats ARE GOOD (at least the right ones are). Fat is essential for survival. They help to keep the body satiated, maintain heart health, regulate cholesterol, and help with emotional and mental stability.

When many refer to fat as bad, they’re usually over-generalizing. In reality, certain fats and their you-know-it’s-bad-for-you sources are the real culprit. The usual suspects: butter, junk food, processed foods, fried foods, heavy cream, etc. I know that many of these items are a part of many individuals’ regular diet in the U.S. However, there are ways to satisfy that craving for fat and stay healthy. There are a few key foods I turn to for healthy fats.

coconut oil



Coconut Oil

It’s no secret, Brown & Coconut, loves coconut. Coconut is super versatile and can be used in many different ways in cooking and baking. There is usually a milk coconut flavor when I use it (just an FYI).


Almond Butteralmond butter

Almonds are wonderful for heart and full of antioxidants. The best part is that you can have a spoon of it or spread it on a veggie.




Egg Yolks

My favorite way to have eggs is boiled. They are an easy grab-and-go snack that also provides essential nutrients that can be hard to find in other sources.




This smooth and creamy fat pairs well with anything, whether in a sandwich or in a smoothie.



What are some of your favorite healthy fats? Let us know on our Facebook!

Peace, Love, and Coconuts.

~ Nalani

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