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Top Places to Shop for Natural Living

By September 2, 2013Beauty, Home

Natural LivingHappy Labor Day everyone! We hope today is a day full of relaxation! If you haven’t done something relaxing yet, do it now! Take that mid-day nap, treat yourself to a lunch, or enjoy that somewhat expensive manicure. Here at Brown & Coconut, us sisters spend A LOT of time shopping for the latest and greatest natural products. It can be tough to find good places to shop for natural living so we thought we’d put together a handy little list! 🙂

Top Places to Shop for Natural Living

1. Whole Foods

If you follow our blog you know how much we love Whole Foods! (But seriously, we love Whole Foods.) It can be a bit expensive, especially when it comes to that once-a-week food shopping trip. To save money, we prefer to just get our fresh fruits and vegetables from Whole Foods. They also have a fantastic beauty section: everything from makeup and lotions, to hair stylers and conditioners. We get all of our fave shampoos and stylers from Whole Foods! An added bonus: they often have great sales in the beauty section!

2. Cambridge Naturals

Okay, this one may only apply if you live in the Boston area. Cambridge Naturals is a lovely local natural health store that has a wonderful supply of natural foods, herbs, spices, vitamins, supplements and beauty items. I have found that Cambridge Naturals seems to have a better selection of vitamins and minerals than Whole Foods. If you haven’t already, stop by Cambridge Naturals! Added bonus: they offer a great 20% off coupon during your birthday month! 🙂

3. Vitacost.com

If you know your going to be splurging on a quite a bit of natural products, I suggest taking a look at vitacost.com. Nearly all of the products are on sale and trust me, they have A LOT of products. Some products you find on vitacost.com may be available in Whole Foods so you may have to calculate whether the savings on Vitacost are worth the shipping charges (around $5).

4. Drugstore.com

Drugstore.com is an amazing online shop where you can purchase all of your basic needs from toilet paper to shampoo. Not all of the products on there are natural–it is basically like a drugstore..ONLINE! They do, however, have a great “natural” section where you can find some pretty great natural products, a lot of which you may have never tried!

5. TrueFoodsMarket.com

This site has a great selection of natural and organic foods (bulk items, too!). TrueFoodsMarket.com offers great sale prices and definitely has a wonderful selection of essential oils at great prices.


I would definitely check out these great stores and websites if you are looking for a fabulous selection of natural food, beauty and supplements!

Which shops are your favorite? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Enjoy your Labor Day!


Peace, love & coconuts!


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