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5 Reasons to Keep Fit in the Fall!

Okay so summer is winding down, and now is the time when most people feel its their chance to relax and/or deviate from their fitness regimens…


Believe me when I say, that’s the last thing you want to do because in just a few months you’ll be promising yourself and who knows else, that you’ll do better for the new year, and we all know how that story ends…

So do yourself a favor and don’t fall off the horse now!

Runner on autumn season

1) Perfect Weather

Take advantage of the perfect weather. The oppressive summer heat is fading, but the winter chill has yet to set in; the perfect jogging weather. Not to mention, the fall foliage creates a beautiful scenery for your viewing pleasures ­čÖé

If your like me, you love the smell of fall, this is also something to enjoy!

2) Bye Bye Sunshine

Another reason to get out and be active, is that the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter, and as your daylight exposure wanes you can experience changes in mood, your sleep pattern, and most importantly Vitamin D deficiency.

3) Yucky Colds

With cold weather comes, well colds. Maintaining healthy & fit body plays a big part in helping your immune system to fight off illnesses. The colder it gets, the quicker these sicknesses seem to spread so give your immune system a helping hand and keep up a consistent workout routine

4) Holiday Waistlines

As the weather cools, there are holidays waiting at every turn! With those holidays comes candy, desserts, dinner feasts, alcohol, and ever expanding waistlines. What better reason to stick to your workout routine than to help keep those holiday pounds from piling on.

5) Summer Body Starts NOW

One imortant thing to remember is that to see significant changes to your body as a result of your workout routine, you actually have to be consistent. Changes don’t happen overnight so if you want that rock hard summer 2014 bod, you better start working out now. ­čśë

Peace, Love, & Coconuts

~ Letisha

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