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15 Ways to Treat Anxiety, Naturally!

Many people suffer from anxiety, whether it be a more serious case, or only minor anxiety. Perhaps you only suffer from minor anxiety and want to try treating it yourself or  maybe you are just in favor of seeking out natural remedies before turning to western medicine, which are often harsh with even worse side effects. In either case, below are some ways to treat anxiety naturally. 🙂

15 Ways to Treat Anxiety, Naturally:

Herbal Remedies Supplements

1. Valerian & Passionflower

These act as a sedative or sleep aid, but are also effective for anxiety

2. Lemon Balm Extract

Has been shown to help with anxiety, but be careful, too much can have the opposite effect, worsening anxiety

3. Lavender Oil or Hops Aromatherapy 

Hops has been shown to have a sedative-like effect, while both are effective anxiety soothers



4. Cardiovascular Exercise

While regular exercise has been shown to balance hormones and improve your mood, cardiovascular exercise can be particularly effective for treating anxiety. Aim for at least 20-30 minutes a day.

5. Meditation or Yoga

Widely known for their calming/relaxing effects on the body


6. Eat a largely plant-based diet

7. Be sure to get enough folate

8. Eat more eggs

Eggs are rich in choline and adequate levels in your diet are associated with lessened anxiety

9. Get your omega-3s

Try adding more fish to your diet, or adding an omega-3 fish oil supplement such as Nordic Naturals

10. Try not to skip meals

A drop in blood sugar can bring about irritability and worsen anxiety

11. Drink Chamomile or Green Tea

The L-theanine in green tea can help lower heart rate and blood pressure, while chamomile is also proven to have anxiety reducing effects


Other Tips

12. Practice Deep Breathing

13. Heat Relaxation

Take a relaxing, hot shower/bath or get some sun to heat up and relax the body

14. Avoid Stress-Inducing Environments

15. Get Enough Sleep!

~ Letisha

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