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The American Diet vs. The World…

Recently, I spent a week in Jamaica for a relaxing vacation. While it was full of both relaxation and fun filled days/nights, I Jamaicaactually learned quite a lot. One interesting thing that I picked up on was the difference in diet. I’m not talking about the differences in foods, but rather the difference in quality of food. During my week there, I had little to no exposure to processed foods or chemical-filled foods. While I can’t speak for all of Jamaica, the city where I stayed really only offered freshly cooked foods, there were not many fast food restaurants. In fact, the streets were constantly alive with vendors selling a variety of fresh fruit and jerk chicken being grilled on location, along with a few other things.

It seemed that there was no need for “organic THIS, or natural THAT” because practically everything already is.

I was a little embarrassed to come back to the U.S. which as I’m sure your jamaica and coconutknow is loaded with fast food restaurants, processed foods, and basically crap for you body.

Here, organic and naturally based foods are considered “specialty foods”. How backwards is that? If you ask me, chemical-filled foods should be non-existent, processed foods should be a rarity, and organic/naturally-based foods should be the norm.  Now, there’s an idea.

It’s not to say that everything in the American diet is horrible, or that all other countries diets are perfect. But on the whole, I think we can take a lesson from other countries whose diets put the American diet to shame.

Share your thoughts on this topic. I’d love to hear them!

~ Letisha

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  • Naida says:

    I agree. When I went to Trinidad & Tobago organic was the norm which surprise me. There was a few fast food restaurants and its a tradition that meals are cooked at home. In the two weeks I was down there I enjoyed one too many sweets and didn’t gain a pound. Also fruits and vegetables are available in every corner part of the Caribbean diet.

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      It’s refreshing isn’t it Naida?? I wish it was like that here, but sadly we have to seek out a healthy lifestyle rather than it just being a normal part of our culture. This is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling to other counties and it sounds like you really enjoyed your trip! 🙂

  • eluhandmade says:

    Love this article. It’s so true. Thats one of the reasons I loved living in Italy. Everything is fresh and real. It gives you a better quality of life. 🙂

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Fresh and real are the perfect words to describe it! I’ve never been to Italy but it sounds amazing!

      Here’s to all of us achieving a better quality of life! 🙂

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