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D.I.Y: Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub

By August 19, 2013Beauty, Home, Skin Care

When was the last time you exfoliated your lips? I’ll be honest: I don’t exfoliate them as much as I probably should! 🙁 I know, if you don’t wear lipstick on a daily basis, exfoliating your lips can seem pretty trivial in your “beauty to-do’s”. I mean, what’s a little something Vaseline can’t fix, right?


Wrong! Vaseline and chapstick only mask the dryness, creating a vicious cycle of dry lips and chap stick. Exfoliating your lips helps to REMOVE the dry, dead skin that can gradually build up. So, if your lips are feeling dry, cracked, rough, lumpy or just plain blah, try this D.I.Y recipe for uber soft lips!

You’ll need 3 simple ingredients:

  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Coconut oil

Mix all three ingredients together in a small (VERY small) bowl! Remember, you only need a small amount for your lips! Using circular motions, rub the mixture on your lips. Rinse and apply your favorite chap stick. Trust me, after this lemon sugar scrub your lips with be irresistibly soft!

What’s your favorite recipe for a D.I.Y lip scrub?

Peace, love & coconuts!


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