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4 Reasons to Change Your Beauty Regimen

By August 13, 2013Beauty, Home

Beautiful Healthy Woman FaceToo much of anything can be a bad thing right?

This is something I try to live by. Balance is key, in all aspects of our lives, work/life balance, nutritional balance, balance of rest and physical fitness and so much more. When that balance gets thrown out of equilibrium, thats when problems arise. This same concept carries over to our beauty routines. Thats right! It is important to CHANGE your routine!

Here’s why…

1) Body Changes

Think about your skin for example, its often oily and acne prone in our teens and early twenties, later becoming dry and may have fine lines. Our needs changes as our bodies change so it’s important to keep up with your body’s ever-changing state.

2) Climate Change

Many people live in an area that undergoes some form of seasonal climate change. While some geographical areas experience more drastic changes than others, the result is still the same, weather changes that can spark the need for a new beauty regimen. Take cold dry winters for example, they can be very drying to your skin so you may opt for a heavier moisturizer in the winter and perhaps go for a lighter one in the hotter more humid times.

3) Ingredients

It’s important to note that you never want to overexpose yourself to a particular ingredient because overuse could do more harm than good. Avoid this by changing up the products you use on your skin and hair.

4) Life

It goes without saying that life tends to throw curve balls at us, which can impact us in a variety of ways. Our bodies responding to external factors like stress, health-related issues, injury, etc., can influence how we need to go about treating our bodies on the outside. Stress may be causing you to breakout, which is going to change what you should use on the affected area. Sunburns, damaged hair from heat styling, or even skin rashes are going to affect our beauty regimen.

Moral of this story? Change your routine before it changes YOU! (just kidding 😀 )

But seriously..change up your routine 🙂

~ Letisha

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