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Top Summer Beauty Products

Summer in a nutshell: sweaty, dry and sunburned skin. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I love the summer! I love spending time enjoying the beautiful weather, but sometimes the sun’s heavy duty rays can wreak havoc on my skin! If you’re like me, have no fear! I have been religiously using 4 products that have healed and prevented damage on my skin. Check out my top summer beauty products:

Top Summer Beauty Products

1.Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is amazing. That’s it. It is purely amazing! I use it as a toner every night and am amazed by how much dirt/oil still comes off my skin after washing! It helps remove all that nasty gunk that builds up in your pores after a long summer day. When I wake up, my skin is bright and vibrant and still has the “just cleaned” feeling. To use, I simply pour a small amount on 2 cotton balls. I wipe one of the cotton balls along my hair/jawline, forehead, and nose. I use the 2nd “clean” cotton ball on my cheeks since that is where I am most prone to breakouts.


2. Aloe Vera

This is a must have for my summers. It seems cliché, I know. But aloe is useful for more than just sunburned skin! I use my aloe vera spray as a curl refresher and as a face/skin moisturizer. I love the way it makes my curls bounce back after 2nd-day hair. If you do happen to get sunburned from those intense sun rays, spray some aloe and wallah, your skin is healing and much calmer.


3. Hydrating Body Butter

There is so much I love about this body butter. Where do I start? In the summer, I love using this super silky, buttery body butter as a nightly body moisturizer. Made with nourishing babassu and meadowfoam seed oil, it deeply, DEEPLY moisturizes my skin at night, leaving me with glowing and uber soft skin in the morning. When I don’t use it, my skin just isn’t as supple. It feels dry and thirsty, especially during the summer months when all that extra swimming, sweating, and sun rays can dry out our skin. This body butter is the perfect blend of shea butter, mango butter, and key moisturizing oils that offer lasting and effective hydration.


4. Tea Tree Oil

One of the best spot treatments for sticky, summer weather. If you read my other article on our favorite spot treatments, you know tea tree oil is one of them. Tea tree oil helps destroy bacteria that may be living on your skin. This is especially important in the summer if you find yourself like me: constantly wiping off a sweaty face! At night (or in the morning) apply a few drops to freshly washed skin.


What do you use in the summer to keep your skin glowing and happy? Comment below!

Peace, love & coconuts!


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