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Favorite Ingredient Friday: Watercress

By August 2, 2013Home

It’s time for a new Favorite Ingredient and August is all about WATERCRESS.

Watercress is a green leafy vegetable that has been used for centuries in cooking. Watercress has also been used and recognized for its medicinal properties as well.

watercressThis vegetable is an aquatic plant specifically in spring water.  The small plant with vibrant green leaves has a nice peppery flavor. It can be grown year round but the best time is before the weather is too warm.

Why watercress? This green bushel is known as a super food. With very little calories per cup (only about 4!) watercress, contains loads of vitamins and minerals. It is most known for the vitamins A,C, K. This plant also contains phytonutrients, nutrients in plants that haven’t been proven as essential for living, but may help prevent diseases such as cancer.




<< Check out the nutrition facts per cup of watercress.

Give watercress a try and be on the lookout for a scrumptious watercress recipe next Friday!

~ Nalani

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