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The Clarisonic: 60 Seconds to Radiant Skin

Radiant Skin1

Every once in great while you find a beauty product that becomes a part of your staple regimen. This could be a lotion because it moisturizes so well or even a pair of tweezers because they…errr pluck so well..? Either way, you get my point. If you are lucky enough, you find something that works so well for you that you can’t imagine your beauty regimen without it. I have found mine! The Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System, thanks to the trusty help of Zeena. After hearing praises from my fellow Brown & Coconut founder, I decided to make the pricey purchase ($120.00 dollars to be exact).Clarisonic-Mia

The Clarisonic is a facial cleansing motorized brush. The product claims to give your face and/or body a much deeper clean than using just your hands or a wash cloth. It gets deeper into pores and removes dirt and other pore clogging grossness. The system includes 4 pieces: (1) motorized handle, (2) changeable brush-head, (3) brush-head cap & (4) a charger.

To use:

  1. Click on the brush-head
  2. Pour on a nickel sized amount of facial cleanser
  3. Add a little water
  4. Press the gray start button

The bristles vibrate back and forth (this is the action that really makes a difference for cleanliness). I then press the brush to my face with some pressure and move the brush in circular motions. The Clarisonic brush vibrates for 60 seconds each time it’s started. If I want a deeper clean I just repeat.Using Clarisonic

I have experienced incredible results for my skin. My skin has become clear there are less breakouts, smaller pores, overall cleaner appearance & less acne scars, needless to say, I couldn’t be happier.

One week ago I actually STOPPED using my Clarisonic (because I lost the charger and was too lazy to look for it). About one week later I began to notice on my skin was breaking out MORE. It felt a little bit dirtier and just never seemed to get clean. And then it hit me that I had not been using my Clarisonic and that was the reason for all of my new breakouts.

In conclusion, I found my charger ASAP and began using the Clarisonic again.

Now, I know $120 is expensive for a one beauty item but like I said it was worth the results for me. I have clearer and cleaner skin which is worth the money I would have spent on other products hoping for the same results.

What I love about Clarisonic also is that it is available in stores and online. You can order it direct from the manufacturer or at many other retail outlets. The price typically varies between $120 to $130, even amongst different retailers.

My favorite part of the Clarisonic is that it comes in so many different colors! I purchased the classic pink color, but it’s also available in lavender, orange, coral, blue, black, & even a few animal prints.

*NOTE* The brush-head needs to be changed every 3 months in order to get the same effective clean. Conveniently, you can purchase brush-heads online & in-stores. I will include a list of sellers below.

Try out the Clarisonic and let us know what you think. If you’d like any additional information please let us know!


Peace, Love & Coconuts

– Nalani


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