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Bye Bye Period-Bloat!

Okay ladies, this one’s for us! I know we all DREAD that bloat that likes to tag along when Ms. P comes to visit, but he doesn’t have to! Kick that bloat to the curb with these bloat busting tips! ūüėČ 1) DRINK MORE WATER! Staying properly hydrated will ensure your body releases any excess […]

Homemade Raspberry Froyo

My sister and I are obsessed with frozen yogurt. There has even been 1 day (or 2 or 3) where we skipped the gym just to get some froyo. No guilt-trips over here! ūüôā Depending on the type of frozen yogurt you buy, ¬†it can be a much healthier option than icecream. I wanted to […]

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

We’ve all experienced razor bumps at one point or another, guys and girls alike, whether it be on legs, under-arms, face, neck, or down-under. They’re unsightly, annoying, and even painful, but what causes them? And how can we ultimately get rid of razor bumps? Razor bumps are simply ingrown hairs that develop as a result […]

8 DIY Spot Treatments for Acne

Spot treatments are a crucial step in treating breakouts and acne prone skin. They provide targeted relief to those irritating bumps! Homemade spot treatments are better for your skin, gentle, and much more cost effective than prescription and drug store treatments which can leave your skin dry, red and irritated. Check out these 8 DIY […]

2 Ingredient Ice Cream!

Looking for a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream?? Look no further! For an ICE COLD TREAT during those HOT Summer days, grab: Your Blender 1 Large Frozen Banana 1/2 Cup Unsweetened Coconut Milk (I like So Delicious¬†Unsweetened Vanilla) Add the banana & coconut milk to blender & blend on high speed¬†until mixture is thick […]

Dairy-Free Summer Delights!

Summer usually includes tasty cold treats like ICE CREAM!! This smooth, creamy and cold confection is loved by so many, but what about those of us who can‚Äôt/don‚Äôt want have dairy? There are more and dairy free options popping up everywhere and I couldn’t be more excited!¬†¬†Here are my top dairy free treats to enjoy […]

Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse Review

This past weekend, Zeena & I decided to complete the¬†Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse. The detox was comprised of¬†drinking 4 smoothies per day for 3 days,¬†breakfast,¬†lunch,¬†snack, &¬†dinner. Along with the smoothies, we had to drink¬†1 cup of green tea¬†in the morning, take a¬†multi-vitamin, a¬†probiotic¬†supplement,¬†omega 3 fish oil supplements, and take an¬†epsom salt detox bath. […]

20 Reasons I Can’t Live Without Lemons

Lemons are one of my favorite fruits. They have a unqiue flavor and can add pizazz to just about any recipe! I love lemons for everything from skin care to cooking to treating colds. Check out my list below for 20 ways you can use the lovely lemon! 1. Lemons are chalk full of Vitamin […]

FOOD CHALLENGE: 100% Un-Processed Foods

So, Zeena and I have decided to commit to a non-processed foods regiment for 1 week. We all know how bad processed foods are for us, but it always seems so difficult to actual implement a 100% processed-foods free diet, especially when nearly everything is processed now-a-days. But there are so many benefits to eliminating […]

The Clarisonic: 60 Seconds to Radiant Skin

Every once in great while you find a beauty product that becomes a part of your staple regimen. This could be a lotion because it moisturizes so well or even a pair of tweezers because they…errr pluck so well..? Either way, you get my point. If you are lucky enough, you find something that works […]

Move of the Month: The Burpee!

If there was ever an award for best fat burning, fitness testing, endurance & strength building move, this would be it. The burpee in my eyes is an all around amazing move. It does it all, ladies and gentleman and that is why it has earned the spot as Brown and Coconut’s ‘Move-of-the-Month’. Here are […]

Spinach Avocado Sandwich

I love sandwiches of all shapes and sizes: paninis, subs, burgers etc. They taste delicious and are easy to make. My biggest concern is eating sandwiches I didn’t make at home. I wonder; what am I¬†really consuming? How much sodium? How much saturated fat? Any trans fats? (I hope not!). So, what do I do […]

The Amazing Benefits of Sweet Potato

Oh, how we love this sweet root vegetable and here’s why: Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index and are a great source of fiber, beta¬†carotene, iron magnesium, and¬†vitamins B6, C, & E Just 1 cup (cubed) provides the following: Calories: 114 Total Fat: 0.1 g Cholesterol: 0mg Sodium: 73mg (3% DV) Potassium: 448mg (12% […]

Organic and Natural Makeup for Beautiful Skin

  Switching to an all-natural makeup regimen can do wonders for your skin. I love the idea of using fresh ingredients like fruit pigments as a blush or even as a mascara! All fun aside, choosing the best all natural makeup for your skin can be tough, especially when there are so many ingredients we […]

10 Minute Manicure

Going to the nail salon can take a lot of time and money. First you actually have to go there, sit, wait, get your manicure, wait for your nails to dry, and then go about your day. That time really adds up! I must confess that I do like to change my nail color every […]