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DIY Makeup Remover

Removing eye makeup after a long day is not fun, especially if the non-waterproof mascara will just not budge!

This inexpensive homemade recipe is the best for removing stubborn eye makeup and it contains NO harsh, irritating ingredients.



  • 2 TBSP Olive Oil
  • 1 TBSP Castor Oil

(BOOM, only 2 ingredients!)

In a container (any type is fine) mix the two oils. I prefer to use a bottle that I can squirt the oil out of so that I don’t have to worry about introducing any nasty bacteria into my mixture.

To remove your makeup, simply add a few squirts of the mixture onto a cotton ball and swipe across your closed eyes. Not only will your makeup be cleared away, but your eye lids will feel moisturized! (Plus, the castor oil is super beneficial for hair growth!! Say helllooo to fabulous eyelashes!)

This DIY eye makeup remover is budget friendly, safe, and effective! 🙂


What’s your favorite DIY makeup remover?

Peace, love & coconuts!


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