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Natural Deodorant for Your Pits!

Switching over to all-natural deodorant is not a pretty process…(it’s smelly!). It takes some time for your body to get used to not using the powerful chemicals on your pits to aborb wetness and odors (trust me..its takes TIME). But after you find one that works, you won’t regret it, it feels great!

If you are looking for all-natural deodorant definitely experiment! My sisters and I all prefer different ones. Some have left me with dry skin, while others have not had ANY odor protection (had to learn that the hard way).

I have tried lots and lots of natural deos and my favorite by far is Adama Minerals Clay Dry Deodorant. This deodorant uses clay minerals and essential oils to absorb perspiration and odor and is aluminum & propylene glycol free. It is long-lasting and has a lovely fresh fragrance. My pits aren’t smelly or wet by the end of the day (woo!). The only downside is that it costs about $8 and you probably won’t smell like peaches after a good workout but who does, anyway??


Have any of you lovely followers experimented with a natural deo? Comment below!

Peace, love & coconuts!


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