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Many people are well aware that drinking water is an essential part of a healthy drinking-87155_640diet and for weight loss. Sadly, many are lured into sweet temptation of sugary juices, sodas, and energy drinks. A lot of drinks market themselves as “healthy” and “natural”, but in fact they are FULL of sugar, artificial sweeteners, dyes, and preservatives. For example, manufacturers of cranberry juice market their juices as “containing antioxidants” and as “an immune booster”. glass-618_640BUT! Cranberry juice often sold in popular supermarkets is sweetened with other juices (like apple) from concentrate. So this “antioxidant super drink” may not be so super. Also, the calorie and sugar content can be as high as a can of regular soda.

Switching from fruity and sugary beverages to simply water may be a little challenging for some people. A great compromise for those who love juice and those who want to add some flavor to their water routine is homemade & natural flavored water!

Flavored water is a combination of certain types of fruit and/or herbs infused with water. The sweetness and tanginess of the fruit when infused can provide a nice surprise to your ordinary beverage.

Why is flavored water good for you?

  1. Water = hydration. This means a happier and healthier body for you J
  2. Curbs cravings for the sweet stuff! You may love the fruity taste of juices, but flavored water can fulfill those cravings without all the calories and high sugar and other preservatives.
  3. Can help with weight loss. With flavored water you are savings on the calories. Also, ingredients such as mint and grapefruit which are great to infuse with your water, have be reported by some folks has fat flushers.

Here are some recipes for your own homemade and natural flavored water. Try ‘em and let us know what you think!

Cucumber & Melon

16 oz watercucumber-78789_640
8 slices cucumber (thin = about 2/8 inch thickness)
8 cubes honey dew melon (1/2 inch)
1 tbsp fresh lavender

~ Combine in a pitcher and let sit overnight in fridge, then enjoy.

Tangy Citrus Sunrise

16 oz waterfruit-15408_640
8 tbsp fresh grapefruit (scoop only the fruit on the inside)
5 thin slices lime
3 thin slices lemon
5 mint leaves

~ Give the mint leaves a slight smash between your palms. Add all ingredients to a pitcher. Let sit overnight in fridge and enjoy in the morning!

Berry Elixir

16oz waterbackground-2277_640
½ cup fresh blueberry
½ cup fresh raspberry
½ cup fresh blackberry
5 thin slices lemon

~ Combine berries and lemon into a pitcher and give them a slight smash with a spoon. Add water and refrigerate overnight, then enjoy the berry goodness! 

Tip! If you love bubbles, but want to quit soda, try adding seltzer water to your infusion.

If you have your own favorite water we’d love to know the recipe!

Peace, love, & coconuts!

– Nalani

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  • Nayana says:

    Natural Coconut water is good after working out.

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Indeed it is! 🙂 The naturally occurring sodium, potassium, magnesium, and carbohydrates are great to refuel the body after a workout!

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