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Oatmeal Sugar Scrub

Exfoliating your skin is a super easy and effective way to get soft, luscious skin! My favorite homemade scrub is a mix of oats, sugar, lemon, honey, and olive oil. The exfoliation helps removes dead skin cells and aids in the turnover of new cells meaning baby smooth skin!

Oatmeal Sugar Scrub

Here’s the simple recipe:

3 tbsp Sugar [exfoliates]

1 tbsp Honey [moisturizes skin & anti-oxidant properties]

1 tbsp Olive Oil [moisturizes skin & anti-inflammatory properties]

1 tsp Oats [reduces inflammation, soothes, exfoliates & cleanses skin]

Splash of Lemon Juice [exfoliates skin & fades scars]

This is my favorite recipe to use when I feel like I want to get a good scrub instead of just using the loofa! I may add a bit more oil if my skin is especially dry. This recipe makes enough for a one-time use which is perfect because I prefer to make small batches to avoid the bacteria growth. Feel free to add more of each ingredient as you please!

How do you all exfoliate?

Peace, love & coconuts!

– Zeena

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