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How to Promote Hair Growth and Retain Length

When I first started taking better care of my hair I was instantly frustrated with what I saw as “no hair growth”. Little did I know that my hair was damaged from constant hair dying and flat ironing. One day, I decided to just cut it off. Yup. I cut my hair right to height of my jaw. I started deep conditioning more often and using protective styles. I stopped flat ironing and treating my hair like a rag doll. I learned what products my hair loved/hated. I experimented and had fun! These guidelines are what I have learned over the years to help me to promote hair growth and retain length. Hope they work for you all!

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  1. Deep Condition Like It’s Nobodies Business! Deep conditioning for me has really been a lifesaver. Every Sunday (Deep Condition Sundays!!), I treat my hair to a deep conditioner. By no means is deep conditioner a fix-all for damaged hair but it gives your hair MOISTURE! I stay away from deep conditioners that are not natural because (1) I don’t want chemicals sitting on my scalp (2) nothing seems to moisturize better than my own mix of oils!
  2. Moisturize Your Scalp! Moisturizing your hair does not just mean spraying oil sheen on the ends of your hair. Think of your hair as a unit. The roots need love, too! On my Deep Condition Sunday’s, I warm a bowl of olive oil (carefully!!) and apply the oil to my scalp in four sections. This not only moisturizes your scalp but the stimulation is so very beneficial for hair growth! Plus, the warm oil feels so nice!
  3. Use Conditioner As Often As Possible! Going to the gym 4 days/weeks means more hair washing for me. Whenever I shampoo, I always condition after. Leaving the shower with squeaky-clean hair is a problem. The shampoo most likely stripped your hair of its moisture so it needs the conditioner to replenish it! A great tip I got from a hairdresser is to leave a tiny bit of conditioner in your hair when rinsing it out!
  4. Throw Away That Bristle Brush! They are no good! There are 2 things that I use to comb my hair: my fingers and a wide-tooth comb. If you are going to use a bristle brush to smooth down your hair for a certain style that should be okay. As long as you aren’t running the brush through the ends of your hair.
  5. Don’t Play With Your Hair. I am so guilty of doing this! Some mornings I just can’t decide on a hairstyle so I style it 3 or 4 times! This continuous manipulation will not only frizz your hair but will promote breakage. Stick to one style and let it be. Also, stay away from styles that put a lot of stress on the hair like tight braids or buns.
  6. Protect Your Ends. I like to keep the ends of my hair hidden as much as I can. If I decide to do a bun, I make sure that the ends of my hair are snug and hidden away. If wear twists or braids, I choose styles where the ends aren’t visible.
  7. Trim Your Ends (as necessary). There is so much debate about how often we should trim our ends. Rather than trim every 6 weeks, I use the “search and destroy” method: find the knots and split ends and cut them one by one. This process is tedious but it’s the best way I have found to retain my length without cutting everything!
  8. Deep Condition With Protein Every So Often. Protein is great for strengthening your hair, but only a couple times a month. I use ‘Giovanni Smooth As Silk Xtreme Protein Hair Infusion’ 2x a month (in between regular deep conditioning) to help strengthen my hair. Using protein too often can actually dry out your hair!
  9. Do Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses! This is something I think everyone should try at least once. After shampooing & conditioning, I rinse my hair with 1 part ACV and 3 parts spring water. Honestly, my hair always feels amazing after. The ACV matches the pH of your hair, helping to close the cuticle, improve shine, and fight frizz! Feel free to rinse your hair after but its not necessary as the smell with eventually fade.
  10. Hydrate From Inside Out! I try to drink at lest 2 liters of water everyday. By staying hydrating internally I notice that my skin is suppler and my hair is less dry!
  11. Use Leave-ins! Leave-in conditioners are my lifesaver. I always make sure to put a leave-in in my hair after shampooing and conditioning. Even if I plan on throwing my hair in a bun, I know that my hair is moisturized by the leave-in. Stay away from those mousses and gels with alcohol, which only dry out your hair. If I do feel like using a gel, I make my own flaxseed hair gel!
  12. Comb Your Hair When Wet! The only way I comb my hair is when it is sopping wet and full of conditioner. The slip of the conditioner makes the detangling process so much easier. I start by dividing my hair into 4 sections, applying conditioner to each section. Then, I begin combing from ends to the roots, working my way up. This way does take a bit longer than combing in one huge section, but your hair will thank you!

When promoting your hair growth and retaining length focus on creating healthy hair. Once you have a healthy hair regime, the growth will come naturally. I am still learning about my own hair growth/retention journey and would love to hear your hair growth stories below!

Peace, Love & Coconuts!


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  • great tips and great progress on your hair!

  • Lanae says:

    Are you natural or is your hair relaxed . Or does it really matter , would your tips be good on any kind of hair ?

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Hi Lanae! Great questions! My hair is natural but these tips will work on any type of hair. For everyones hair, it’s important that you are deep conditioning every so often, moisturizing regularly, and keeping your body hydrated.

  • Uzo O says:

    thanks for sharing these tips,i ‘m currently shoulder blade length and also trying as much as possible to retain length.

  • Ja Vonna Williams says:

    Hello I really appreciated this article and the reminders. It is so important to apply these healthy hair practices. The hair will thrive and blossom like a beautiful flower. Another thing I may add PATIENCE is key in seeing hair growth/length!

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