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Amazing Benefits of Castor Oil

We’ve previously talked about the ability of castor oil to aid in hair growth, but what are some other amazing benefits of castor oil? Read on… 1) Castor oil is great for the skin. It is easily absorbed which makes is a great moisturizer and if often added to skin care and cosmetic products. 2) […]

Bentonite Clay Face Mask

My go-to detox mask has always been the all powerful bentonite clay mask. It’s one of the only masks I use that is somewhat uncomfortable to wear but it’s extraordinary  benefits definitely outweigh any tightness or redness. I usually whip up a batch when my skin is feeling particularly oily and just plain UGH. Immediately […]

Detox Your Taste Buds!

When it comes to eating clean and healthy, a major deterrent is giving up our favorite unhealthy/junk foods. A diet made up of processed, chemical-filled, sodium-rich, & sugar-loaded foods has desensitized our taste buds, making the foods that are healthier for us seems bland and unappealing. A piece of fruit which is naturally sweet, suddenly […]

How to Control Your Post-Workout Appetite!

Has this happened to? You have a great workout and soon after you finish, your appetite turns into a raging monster with a mind of its own! I can tell you that I am no stranger to this. Women more so than men in fact, tend to have a much larger increase in their appetite post-workout. So […]

DIY Fixes for Yellowed & Stained Nails

One of the pitfalls to polishing your nails is the dreadful yellow staining. DUN DUN DUN… But, have no fear! Removing and preventing your nails from staining is super easy and cheap! Here are some fantastic options: 1) Lemon Juice Soak your nails in lemon juice! Add warm water to a bowl and squirt in […]

My Top 5 Sources of Protein for Vegetarians!

A healthy diet is so important to living a healthy life. One way that many people (including myself) have developed healthier eating habits is by becoming a vegetarian. Now, I know being a vegetarian doesn’t = healthy diet. Many vegetarians eat junk food like many others would, because technically “it doesn’t contain meat” (that can […]

DIY: Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is an amazing thing. With so many uses for this product, both internally, externally, and in our homes, it’s obvious why we love ACV. You can learn more about Apple Cider Vinegar by clicking here. One way to use ACV is for your skin! ACV has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. Therefore, it makes it […]

How I Got Control of My Eczema!

I was born with eczema and while many people outgrow this disease by the time they reach their teenage years, about 3% of the population continue to suffer from this skin condition throughout adulthood. My mother would tell me stories of how severe my rashes actually got when I was younger, however, thankfully at 25, […]

Coffee Face Mask

It’s official. I have a new, favorite face mask! While making coffee, I decided to make use of the coffee grounds that we typically trash after making a fresh brew. When applied topically, caffeinated coffee has so many amazing health benefits for our skin. Some of the incredible benefits of topical application of caffeinated coffee […]

Favorite Ingredient Friday: Apple Cider Vinegar!

A new month means a new favorite for Favorite Ingredient Fridays. For the month of April, our favorite ingredient is.. Apple Cider Vinegar! Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been used for thousands of years and primarily for its medicinal properties and as a condiment for food. In many regions in the United States and around […]

My Secret to Clear Skin

  Growing up, I always had clear skin and never experienced acne as most do in their teen years. It wasn’t until my final year of college that I suffered from acne. It seemed to just appear out of nowhere and NOTHING I did could get rid of it. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I […]

How to Promote Hair Growth and Retain Length

When I first started taking better care of my hair I was instantly frustrated with what I saw as “no hair growth”. Little did I know that my hair was damaged from constant hair dying and flat ironing. One day, I decided to just cut it off. Yup. I cut my hair right to height […]