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Delicious Antioxidant Tea

Antioxidant Tea

I absolutely love tea. It has so many amazing health benefits, it’s hard to not incorporate it into your diet. I don’t drink coffee too often but when I crave it I try to drink a cup of tea instead. My sisters and I can spend forever browsing the tea sections in the supermarket. I love all Yogi teas as well as Green tea and Chamomile tea. When looking for a good tea I focus on the herbs and their individual health benefits rather than the “claim” of the tea itself  (lately, I’ve been in LOVE with Hibiscus tea!)

So, what are the so called “benefits of tea”?:

  • Antioxidants (catechins) in certain teas protect the body against cancers; help fight free radicals; aide in anti-aging
  • Tea hydrates the body
  • L-theanine (amino acid in tea) may aide in relaxation of the mind/sleep
  • Certain teas may lower cholesterol; reduce inflammation
  • Tea boost immunity; promotes circulation in body
  • Polyphenols (antioxidants) in tea aide in digestion
  • Green tea aides in weight loss; prevents diabetes, cancers, heart disease; relaxes mood; boosts endurance; keeps skin looking beautiful 😉
  • Ginger tea aides in digestion; treats nausea
  • Hibiscus tea may boost immune system; reduce body bloat

One of my favorite tea beverages to make is chalk full of antioxidants and other beneficial goodies! I love the different flavor that each tea gives off, creating a delicious concoction.

Antioxidant Tea

My favorite brew for a delicious antioxidant tea includes Green tea, Hibiscus tea, Yogi Peach Detox tea, and Lemon and Ginger tea. I always add a few lemon and orange slices for added taste.

Peace, Love, & Coconuts! (mmm coconut tea..)

– Zeena

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